Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom Body Lotion : Review

Hi  Girls !
I know how hard it is to find  a  good product.Trust  me  even  i suffered the same problem .I made up  my  mind that  this time i am going to  invest  on some high quality product  that can  keep  the  promise.An Aunt of mine living aborod  for a decade visited the home town and with many cute gifts she brought for me she  gave me a product  that  i  finally can  say  is worth investing.
It is a 236ml Body Lotion ,Tokyo Lotus Apple Blossom Body Lotion From the  brand Tokyo Lotus that is famous for Bath & Body Works
It is not easily available in our country  though,but you can  buy it online
The best thing i find about this product is its scent is beautiful! It smells like florals and honey! Super sweet and amazing! The fragrance lasts for a couple hours.The lotion is formulated with 2x the moisture and 3x the Shea butter. Thislotion contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective Vitamin E and fast absorbing Jojoba Oil, our ultra-nourishing formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture.


The cell repairing fortified formula that this product claims proved to be quite true in  my  case

For experiment i  applied it to  a rough a  patchy portion  of my  skin which  felt  soft and improved after applying.

1.Gives awesome moisturisation
2.The smell is what  you will surely be in  love with
3.Stays for longer hours without making skin  greasy
4.Makes skin soft and repairs dry and patchy skin if you use it for long time

1.Works best on wet skin but for too dry a climate  it may not provide great moisturisation.
2.Not easily available in India
3.Not really budget friendly



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