Pink Up this Summer With Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick by Color Sensational – Shade POW2

Show me a girl who does not love Pink, I too love pink and have been craving for some gorgeous and bright pink lip colors this monsoon, and that’s the reason I picked this amazing shade from Maybelline’s Pink Alert range – POW 2.I am  quite  sure whosoever holds this  lipstick or  add this to their vanity kit  can be sure of the fact that this  lipstick is gonna boost the mood.
The product I’m reviewing today is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational in the shade POW2 which is a beautiful bright pink shade

How Maybelline Describes Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational:
• Amp up your lips in the hottest pink.
• In 4 bright pink shades
• Passionate Pink color only from our vivid color pigments
• Creamier feel only from our nourishing honey nectar
Product Price- INR 375-425(
Product Quantity: 3.9 gms.
Shelf Life: 36 months
Can Be Bought Here

Shades available In Pink Alert by Color Sensational: POW1, POW2, POW3, POW4

Packaging : The Maybelline Pink alert Lipsticks comes in a pink translucent packaging with a plastic cover mentioning PINK ALERT. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom on a color coded sticker. The cap shuts tightly and would not open up in your handbag.  The cap of the lipstick is pink! And did I mention before that if there’s something in pink, there’s no chance I won’t like it!! The packaging inside is pretty typical, like the other Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks.

Texture : The texture is very creamy and buttery but you need to exfoliate your lips properly or it might accentuate the dry/flaky bits of the lips. Formula wise, this does not give a complete opaque coverage to your lips, you need to build up the intensity using a lip brush.The color payoff is praiseworthy. All you need is one swipe to get that gorgeous hot pink color. I applied this lipstick yesterday for only 4-5 hours but I was amazed by the staying power. After a light meal, the color did diminish a little but the lipstick stain stayed which I actually liked.They do stain your lips but comes off easily with a makeup remover

My experience with is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational in the shade POW2:

Maybelline’s Pink Alert range contains 4 hues of Pink shades but most of the color would suit light to medium complexion, whereas this particular shade POW 2 is a berry toned fuchsia shade that brightens up your face. You can wear this directly from the tube for bright pink lips or even blot it to stain for soft pink lips.The lipstick scores well on its pigmentation part. Only 2 swipes are needed to get an opaque finish and to cover any lip pigmentation. Neither does it bleed nor does it settle into fine lines.The lipstick stayed on my lips for a good 7-8 hours with light snacking, fading slightly. Being creamy in texture, it transfers. It survives light meals and snacks but will not be able live through heavy meals

 Pros of Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick POW 2:

  • Beautiful hot pink color.
  • Creamy and buttery texture which glides on like a dream.
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Great staying power
  • • Extremely beautiful shade
  • • Cute, girly packaging
    • Great color payoff

  •  Cons
    • Being creamy, it might melt
    • Accentuate dry areas of lips, if not properly exfoliated



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