Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Eternal Rose:Maybellline 14hr Super stay Lipstick Review

I  am  bit  lipstick  crazy.  Yes  that is  not  a  new  thing  .Find me  a  girl  who  would'nt  love  a  rosy  pnk  lippie.
My  recent  favourite  is  Maybelline's  Eternal  Rose  020  which  is  a  fabulous  matte  shade  from  the  superstay  range  .


I find  the  packaging  not  very  attractive  as  compared  to  the  price  .
I kind  of  cannot  categorise this  lippie   travel  friendly  coz  the  white  cap  its  provided  with  
is  not much  tight.
I am  impressed  with  the  packaging  when  it comes  to  choosing  be  it  while buying  or  if  you  have  to  many  lippie  choosing  the  desired  from  your  shelf  becomes  easy  coz  as  you  can  see  in  the  picture  the  shade corresponds  with  the lower  portion  where  the  brand name  is  written.

Buying  this  is  not  going  to  hurt your  pocket much  

Texture and  Formula:
It glides awesome .I am  not  praising  the  formula  much  though  its superstaying and  light weight at  the  same time,i find  it a  little sticky  and  tugs a bit. One  swipe  provides  awesome  pigmentation that  stays for 6-7 hours in  my  lips.It  does survive  meals but  it is not moisturising at all.Infact  in  winter or monsoon  like  bad hair  day some of us  suffer bad lip days too.It is better to  avoid this  range  then.My  suggestion  is  exfoliating lips and and  wearing  some  not  tinted lipbalm  before applying.This lipsticks  have a  tendecy  to  settle  in  dry flaky  lines.

Staying Power :
Starts Fading after 5hours from  the centre.Does not totally  vanish  at all unless removed.
Smells  candy  like  but  after 10-15 the smell vanished  .Not  taste felt  

Staying Power : 6-7 hours
colour - rosy  pink


glides awesome and  does not over dry lips
Transfer is  pretty  much  long
fabulous  shades


Slightly Over Priced
Formula is not  impressive
Packing  could have been  better.