Pink Up Your Seasons With 'My Piink Box': A BOX OF HAPPINESS

Pink is almost every girl’s favourite.Every girl loves pink.

Any idea why am I  singing the prise of pink today??
My recent favourite beauty bag is Named ” My Piink Box [__]

You can visit their website to find not only their box of happines but also trending jewellery ,bags,dresses ,Cosmetics that you can buy indivisually.

Here is their website  yeah in” ii” for ‘piink’ and not ‘pink’
Orders can be places via whatsapp or DM through their indtagram handle

Doll Up And Take Care received the seasonal ediotion of This box of Happiness.
It comes in a pretty pouch opening which I got:

A beautiful ,trendy neck piece- costs between Rs 300-350
A lipstick from Avon Ulta Color rich Range-Shade Dream Fuschia  costs  Rs. 450
A Nail pain from Avon –Shade Turquoise PopCosts Rs. 120
An explotialing  bathing soap  from avon –cost Rs. 90
A cleanser from Avon naturals face care-Whitening cleanser (Rose and pearl) –cost Rs 199
A strawberry lipbalm from Avon –costs Rs.150
A lingerie –Halter neck Braletts –costs between Rs.250-300

This Seasonal  Edition Box Costs Rs.1200 /- the cost you pay for these awesome products is  actually justified  , if you indivisually buy all these from their site you got to pay the shipping charge and  buying them in this boxed editon saves alot of money and the shipping cost as well .And yes the beautiful pouch also u get with the products.
They have 3 types of Boxes that costs Rs .500, 700 & 1200 respectively
Click On the Link To find the boxes and check their content.  ==> mypiinkbox

 My Experience With The Piink Box:

The neck piece is got is awesome and the colour they chose actually can be styled with differnet kind of cloths

The  Lipstick is in Dream Fuschia shade with blush undertone  that actually looks good on people with different skin tone.Texture is smoothing and feels moisturising,which is the signature quality of Avon.

The Strawberry Lip balms are my all time favourite and this one from Avon naturals took my heart away .

The nail pain actually does what it claim.I kid you not it actually dries in 30sec . It is good for nails because its does not contain toluene and fromaldehyde.The shade is Turquoise Pop and looks trendy .I am loving the colour.

The bathing soap is also pretty good.It exfoliates the dry cells and does not leave the skin over dry.The nourish property of the soap is actually its healing agent.

The whitening rose and pearl cleanser has got 
a very  pleasant smell and vert small amount
 is need .I don’t find my skin over dried after using it .Yes my t-zone feels a little less oily .
That is really good for me.

The lingerie is a halter Neck Bralett am 

sure every one is gonna love (P.S They picture i uploaded her is directly from their site and not my box ,I recieved exactly the same)

Do I recommend This beauty beneficial box to everyone?

Yes, Obviosly they provide skin friendly Avon Natural products .Their fabulous hand picked fashion jewellery and lingeries are just 'wow'.

So what are you waiting for order yours here 


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