Bio Organic and Natural (BON) organic oils soap “Fem Care” -Review

Kolkata’s summer was one of  the most talked about topic last April but 

honestly the relieving rain somehow made things fall back to their 

respective places.But even after the monsoon’s kind of over and the season 

of mists and mellow fruitfulness is supposed to hit the city ,the never ending 

saga of showers are making things pretty monotonous.

I must admit that though I am missing the clear blue autumn sky and 

beautifully floating cloudline ,I am not really hating these showers.

(P.S I am a monsoon child.)One thing about this weather is the regular soaps seem to dry up my skin 

more than needed.Shower gels even though feels slippery king of strip off 

natural oil.Skin craves for some natural pamper. I am one of those girls who 

simply enjoys taking long soothing showers.

Actually if you step out during this season the dampy weather ,untidy 

marshy roads & pollutions simply makes gives you clean up mania.Taking 

long soothing showers feel safe and pampering when i get my hands on the 

soaps that are handmade with less chemicals. Handmade soaps are made 

of organic natural ingredients that are basically good for skin as they do 

not strip off the oil from the skin and they make the skin literally  clean 

and healthy.The soaps that smell nice are really fabulous

 I recently got my hands on Bio Organic and Natural (BON) organic oils soap “Fem Care”.This can be ordered from their instagram page bonorganicsindia .
Fem Care is a specially formulated soap which is made of traditional Indian recipe ,specially made for women.It is formulated with anticeptics to cleanse women’s skin.
Products from Bio Organic and Natural  are natural and 100% free from animal cruelty.No animal testing is involved .
Other soaps and their detail are available


I am pretty much impressed with the packaging.The soap is packed with saal leaf initially.I am not sure if it is 'shaal' leaf but I simply loved it.
The label attached is candy pink in color.

Unwrapping the leaf packaging I came across a cover 

which is made up of very good quality paper unwrapping 

white I got this beautiful creamy white bathing bar.

Ingredients and Smell:

Smells faintly floral but the smell will tell you that its is natural.
It contains Organic Corn oil,Organic Coconut oil,Organic Caster oil , organic neem oil,A Blend of Herbais such as Beetel Leaves,Areca Nuts,extracts of Saraca Indigo,Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Net Wt: 100gm

Price : Rs 160/-

My Experience with the Soap:
The smell of the soap is not overpowering.It lathers decently.After bathing my skin feels soft and supple.I did not have to rush for moisturizer immedietly after bath.My skin feels clean but it does not over dry my skin.

One thing about the soap is, it needs to be stored in a dry case. It might melt ,but in my case no such thing really happened.

I had a relaxed feeling after bath.I kind of feel really just “stepping out of spa” freashness.A relaxing shower is nothing without spending long time 
inside the shower.I got my nature blessed handmade soap that makes me feel safe.
The texture of the soap is smooth as it is blessed with castor,coconut and corn oil.The soothing feeling is definitely a result of Tea tree oil.
Smell is not overpowering ,thus it would not be much problematic even with people who have problem with smell and avoid soaps with fragrance.

Shelf life is good.

Decently lathers and priced pretty reasonably.

Ingredients are totally organic and natural thus safe for skin .

Contains tea tree oil thus suits all skin.
Honestly could not find any ,well availability can be one issue.

Do I recommend this to everyone?

Yes obviously


  1. as it contains neem,tea tree oil and turmeric ...!!! does it fight skin infections too?

  2. For infections only dermatologists can help.I can assure that if you use it ,the areas would not turn worse. Tea tree is known for its soothing property while neem and turmeric for anti bacterial property


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