DIY Neckpiece : giving a makeover to things kept unused

Today’s DIY :
Sitting alone ,munching on crispy fries and browsing  new shoes that’s what a couch potato like me is expected to do, when she is neither on a mood to hangout nor exams or assignments knocking at  the door.

 Honestly I wake up everyday with a  thought that am not really wasting my leisure time.But  the “kal se pakka”(from tomorrow onwards) mood spoil it all.

Finally when I was  cleaning my  dressing  tble wardrobe I found some really pretty beads which  I had stored in  a pretty jewel box for something that I actually forgot. I took some pretty beads that  could mix and match each other .

My intention was  making something unique that can go with every outfit .I chose black beads of different size and shape with some white,wooded beads and clear plasic transparent beads.I finally managed to make a neck piece  that had combination of black,white and coffee-wooden colour thus can  go with many outfits.

Since mine is not an experienced hand I  kept  the thing simple .
After making this I  now feel like trying my hands on  many more such trials and intricacy in the design depends on  how good  it goes .

This is actually very simple I think  all of us can try doing this ,isn’t it?
Do let me know  if you all have liked it…


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