Loving Chocolaty Pair 

Hi Lovelies !!!… this is the first time I am reviewing some product from Plum Goodness.
Plum goodness says :

The best thing I am excited about is ,it is a chocolatey set from Plum’s Choco-latte range which includes Creamy Choco-latte Body Wash & Luxurious Choco-Latte body lotion. 
Girls who love taking long and soothing shower usually are pretty much worried about the ingredients of the bodywash they are using.Honestly who would not love a creamy body wash which is soap free and smells of chocolate.Yes !!! you read it right CHOCOLATE!!! What if it is followed by a luxuriant chocolatey body lotion.

Firstly I would love to write about the body wash .

Packaging :
Its packed in plastic bottles used for liquid dispension with pump which are travel friendly. On thing about the packaging is it mentions that products are 100% animal cruelty free.

Color And Texture :
Body wash is shiny cream color liquid.

Smells of chocolate And Cocoa butter.
As you can see they are paraben free and 100% soap free.
Contains Water,Sodium Laureth Sulphate,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Glycerine,Glycol Stearate,Cocamide DEA,Phenoxyethanol,Fragrance,Ethylhexylglycerin,FDA Approved Colours

 What Plum Says about the body wash:

My Experience :
My skin feels freash and awaken with this fabulous aroma.Deeply cleanse the skin it’s soap free formula makes my skin feel freash soft supple and hydrated.It lathers decently.

Price for bodywash INR 380/- 200ml

Great smell fabulous formula
Cleanse very well
Does not make skin dry
It is soap free and paraben free includes all ingredients that are safe for skin
Honestly I could not find any except the fact that ,if I wish it would have been a little more creamy .

Now Let’s come to the lotion.I am simply in love with this lotion .It has already  taken entry to my daily use list.

The fragrance of this Choco-Latte Lotion is so alluring that it is my latest crush.

What Plum says about this lotion :

Packaging :
It is also packed in a plastic bottle which is provided with a sturdy pump .It is extremely travel friendly.
Color and Texture:
Texture is creamy and smooth .The colour is  creamy chocolatey.It looks like choco-latte smoothie.

Ingredients  are absolutely paraben and harsh chemical free.It smells so alluring and contains no harsh  chemical you can see the ingredients list here.

Body smells the same like body wash but its fragrance is long lasting it really smells like luxurious chocolate when applied on skin.
My Experience With The Body Lotion
 Its hydrating and moisturizing , consistency of lotion is neither thin nor watery it is pretty much like gel based and stays on palm. The lotion feels light and does not make skin greasy or oily. It can be used in humid summers also due to its non oily formula. It Quickly absorbs hydration even if the skin feels dry skin.The ingrients do not include preservative and the main ingredient used is cocoa butter thus it has alluring smell and dry skin repair property. When I apply this my skin feels like I am being good to my skin.All the products are 100% animal cruelty free.

Price: Rs 390/- for 200ml
Super Hydrating.
It smell alluring ( I am in love with it)
No added preservatives,it contains natural and skin friendly ingredients.
No harsh effects  noticed.

Do you recommend this set?
I strongly do.I am sure you people will start loving it from first use .Use Plum be good to your skin 


  1. lookz yummilicious....
    I Guess this is gonna suit every skin type... i would love to know if they have some products for oily to pimple prone skin types
    If i buy this pair from their site is
    CoD AVAILABLE?????

    1. They do have products for oily skin ... if you wanna buy i would suggest you to go to their website first. choose your desired product click on it. you get a place where you got to type your PIN Code to see if COD is available on ur place. hope u find your solution

  2. if you have used products from this brad do you suggest any thing for oily to problematic skin???

    1. i have oily skin to ,if not pimple prone ,touch wood , i do get occasional break outs. I have not tried their green tea range yet.But honestly i have never come across anyone who claied the green tea range did not work for them. You can visit their websites and google what bloggers are saying about them. Since i have not tried any i cannot strongly recommend . But one thing i can assure atleast they will never give u mal effect .Depends a lot on your skin condition

  3. good review... absolte vivid details . pretty much usefull

  4. Nice review dear. Quite informative.


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