Hi friends!  Hope all of you have had a fabulous time this festive  season .
Today I have chosen to let my  friends know about a fabulous face cleanser from Jolen.
First of all I would love to say I am in love with this fabulous looking bottle.

Packaging : Pomegranate Face Cleansing Gel comes in a big transparent plastic bottle provided with a pump.

Price – Rs 200 for 250 ml

Texture: It is a consistent gel with smallVit E  beads. It is pomegranate red in colour.

Smell: Smells amazingly freash and mainly of pomegranate.

My Experience :
This Pomegranate aesthetic gel from Jolen is rich in antioxidants which keeps my skin hydrated.Thus it is highly recommended to not only 20+ but also nearing 30 age group because it  keeps skin away from wrinkles.This Cleanser nourishes and revitalizes the complexion to make skin look fresh. My skin has got some love marks acnes have left .The hydrating action is leaving visible action towards fading my scars .I cannot assure they are actually healing it, I must say it is healing the skin .This  Pomegranate gel gives protection to skin against harmful UV radiations, removes oil & cleanses face from dirt and pollutants.But if you are expecting it to removes heavy makeup.Then you will be disappointed.The Vitamin E aesthetic beads gives exfoliation to dead skin cells. This cleanser provides protection against pollutants that leads to skin damage.
Jolen Facewashes


No over drying effect
It does not drain of essential oils
Smells amazing
Rejuvinating effect is present with Vit E.
Very much affordable


Availability is an issue.



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