"Style for me is a beautiful blend of comfort and fashion that suits your personality" she says.Read a Candid Interview with Archana Dhankar from Fashionforroyals

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
-Coco Chanel

My opinion about Fashion is  honestly a perfect blend of comfort with style that comes from within. 
I guess many of  us nurture the same opinion. All of us love to experiment, but honestly the ' trending dress' the film stars and supermodels are sporting, nomatter how alluring they look ,we do not quite end up gathering guts to sport the same. Some people are there who inspire us to sport the latest trends.
They are normal people like you and me, they  make us believe that  even normal people  like us can sport the latest fashion .
Archana Dhankar is one of my favourite Beauty expert and fashion blogger. Archana hails from a business family,her love for styling started  right from her college days. Archana has persued her styling course from London.Her blog Fashionforroyals is one of my favourite , I am sure all of you love  Fashionforroyals.com as much as I do. Archana is a renouned name in fashion circuit . I love her friendly nature. In conversation with Dollup And Take care Archana shared many things about the journey of Fashionforroyals.com , her personal view about style and many more things many of us are eager to know from such an awesome person like her. I would love to share it with my Lovely readers.

Archana Dhankar is a renowned name in a fashion circuit. Being a beauty expert, stylist & blogger, Archana has an innate talent to make everything more beautiful. A graduate from Delhi, Archana has pursued her styling course from London. Along with that she also has some well recognized beauty courses in her kitty to add value to her interest and profession. Hailing from a business family, her love for styling and fashion comes right from her college days. Though she has forever been passionate about dressing up there was a time when as a young girl Archana struggled with her fashion choices. And that’s from where the inception of FashionForRoyals took shape — to help other women who want to look great and stylized well by using practical guidance on how to go about it keeping in mind the current trends and personality of an individual.

 1. Tell us about yourself and How did you decide to become a blogger and what do you like most about it?

FashionForRoyals started as a digital platform in 2012 because of my love for fashion with an aim to help people get more out of their lives. Despite being a fashion enthusiast and forever passionate about dressing up, there was a time when, as a young girl, I struggled with my fashion choices and realised how it actually can boost or bring down your confidence. That’s from where the idea of extending personal professional styling services came in the picture. I want to help every individual who want to look great and stylish by using practical and professional instructions on how to go about it; keeping in mind the current trend in clothes, makeup, accessories and personality of an individual.With fashionforroyals I wish to use my expertise in personal styling and self exploration of both the fashion and beauty world in making fashion more approachable to every women in any part of the world.

 2. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

My love for fashion & beauty industry always motivates me to stay updated on the current on goings in the industry which I feel is my biggest strength to stand out from the crowd. Along with that I am also trained Digital marketing professional and my proficiency of digital landscape be it technical knowledge or marketing skills has definitely helped a lot in taking this blog a notch above others.

3. What does style mean to you?

Style for me is a beautiful blend of comfort and fashion that suits your personality. I don’t always necessarily follow each and every trend, but I rather believe in picking up the style of the season that would suit my persona the best with the required comfort because at the end it’s all about how you carry the particular trend.

4. Who was your first style icon?

My First style icon was Madhuri Dixit, I think she has a great sense of style and posses the perfect flamboyance onscreen and offscreen that can be the total delight to watch. She can pull off both western and indian outfits with utmost grace and style. For me, She has always been the ultimate trendsetter. I loved following her style as a child.Back in 90s Cindy Crawford was also a great style icon and one of my favourites. Her style sensibilities strongly display in her fashion choices. She can also carry any attire with great with élan.

5.How do you manage your personal and blog life together?

I have a young family and I try to make sure I spend quality time with them and keep my priorities in check. I feel so passionate about my work that there are times when I get totally engrossed when working on some of the projects in hand. Being an entrepreneur demands a lot of time and initially It was a great challenge to overcome. But with time and trial and error I am much now more relaxed with my functioning and management. Also my husband’s support made it a lot easier for me. We also like to take small breaks in between and go on holidays where we can have our own family time. I feel if you do what you love, the balancing act gets easier.

6.Who takes the majority of your photos?

I have always been very good with camera and also have a flair for photography so I can easily take my own photos along with product shots. Sometimes I take help from my colleagues or friends for professional blogging pictures.

7.What do you think is the No.1 secret of fashion blogging success?

I think in this industry, staying updated with all the current happenings, original content, hard work and strong dedication are the most important ingredients for achieving the desired success. Another important factor is associating with the right network of people as this could definitely take you a long way in the business.

8.Any comments about Dollup And Take Care ?

I found the blog to be a great initiative with some very interesting topics and sections. I like the fact that you have taken a very honest approach and give some great and genuine advice to your readers and followers. I am certain, it wouldn’t take too long for  you  to reach at the top of your game with your unique content and articles.

 9.What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger ?

My greatest satisfaction is that I am able to reach to thousands of women from different parts of the world and help those who are stuck in rut and want to bring change in their lives. I feel content when my knowledge and experience in areas of style, fashion or beauty help evolve individuals and make them more confident and save them from their day to day struggle.

10.Any piece of advice for new Fashion bloggers? 

The only piece of advice is that don’t do fashion blogging only for money but do it only if you have a strong passion for it as that’s the only thing that will take you ahead in this industry.  Blogging industry today is not as easy as it seems. Considering the humongous competition in each and every genre, the path to success is  hard and tedious and unless it is something you love you wouldn’t be able to stick to it for too long.



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