Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tale Of Campus in the tales of Canvas

When the tale of campus is the tale of canvas life is all about comfort. I have always been a believer of comfort. I don’t quite know why I could never agree when people said you might have to compromise with utter comfort to look classy. I simply don’t believe this. I don’t really think that carrying channels and lavies to campus is a good idea. Yes they look classy but I somehow find the canvas bags more friendly and easy when it comes to carrying them to the campus.

I don’t know anyone who wakes up  decently and never faces a mess to head the campus and never fails to dollup.
Honestly normal scares me. I am one of those stupids that wake up late all most everyday and normal days included kajal ,cc cream and a tinted lipbalm , finally touched by a compact , and mr.compact and miss lipbalm finally finds some place inside my bag. Some special days when I have to be presentable say we have some exhibition running or something of that sort I usually stick to CC cream,Lipstick,Nude shades of Eye Shadow I preffer  Iconic 2 pallete From MAKEUP REVOLUTIONand a pen liner .For Nails i love Nude coloured Nail Paints Shade Classic Nude From Miss Nails brilliant lacquers is my recent favourite.

I usually stay away from flashy or toomuch colorfull clothes Normal does not scare me when it comes to dressing.

Now I am talking about those days when I am not carrying the rolled papers and instruments ,I love my canvas sling bags from Kanvas Katha as they are Super Stylish and Super Comfy as well.
Actually i had no idea about this brand ,now that i love this Kanvas Katha bag  i have made up my mind to buy more from this brand. 

The one am carrying here is a complete monochrom that is decorated with slight neons and the belt is tan coloured. I preffer this beautifull bag as it is a fabulous amulgamtion of many things that completes my look. This bag is a campus carry material yet its monochrome tells that I am matured enough ,while its neons say my maturity is not really overshadowing my funloving campus-bubbly nature. The tan coloured belt shows that monochromes and funky neons are not really keeping me away from flaunting my classy look.
Is’nt that a complete style material

On a bright morning I am wearing CC cream and Elle18 Red Passion lipstick . My eye makeup includes eye shadows from Makeup Revolution's Iconic 2 Pallete and lined with Maybelline’s Colossal liner.

That is what my idea of Campus dressing is! What is yours?
Do share ...