7 Valentines Day Gifts For Her ,within budget that can never fails

Hi Friends,
This is February thus you guys must have started planning for valentines day .
Let tell you some fabulous things that can surprise your girl.And girls if you are reading this ,I must say now gonna have some idea that can save your friend. May be your bro is also chewing your head for the best ideas.
The saddest part is may be you haven’t saved enough this year. May be your pocket is not permitting too much .Here we come up with a list of gift that ranges from Rs.300-1500

Here  Goes some fabulous gifts that can never fail:
1.       Chocolate:
Your calorie conscious girl works out daily, but one thing that can never fail is called “Chocolate”.
Trust me she works out daily just because she can get to eat enough chocolate.She would definitely
love you more for another reason.She would feel that you don’t care about her weight gain.

2.       Teddy Bear:
Every girl loves teddy bear. She only conveys this childish side of hers to the person she loves the
most. So if you know that she loves teddy bear ,it is definitely gonna be a great gift.Even if she never
expressed this side of hers,trust me then also she will love it.

3.       Roses:
 Roses are something every girl finds unique.To make her feel special you don’t need to buy her some
Expensive gift.Roses are  so very special that she will remember this always.
4.       Makeup:
Make up is a kind of addiction 90% of girls find irresistible. Honestly I would suggest guys to stay away
From things like foundation and other stuffs that needs expert hands you can try your hands on kits
That many brands comeup with handpicked cosmetics.

We preffer loreal kit.

5.       Books:
Some people find books better than anything else under the sun. Love novels that are not too sappy are
awesome . Some of the best selling novels from Indian Authors rock.
We preffer ,

Other best novels recommended are,

6.       Body Mists:
Body mists are one of the most romantic thing you can select as a gift for a girl.And we have different brands in our country making such mists .

7.       Bath and Body Work

Bath and body products usually comes in sets that includes shower gel,candle and after shower cream .Body shop and many other brands comeup with such kits.



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