Felt the Valentine's Vibe with Avoire and Store Untold organised "Stupid Cupid" -The cheesiest pre-valentine fashion party in Kolkata

Guess  what I did  this Friday evening?I went to the cheesiest fashion party in the town.Valentine's Day is nearing there is almost no time left. 

Avoire and  Store Untold conducted one of the cheesiest fashion party from where you can collect fabulous valentines gift. However I do not believe much in valentine's special gifts much, but their collection is mesmerizing.

Chocolates ,fashion accessories and fashion apparels.

Avoire is a place dedicated  to fashion,art and lifestyle. If you don’t know where everylane of ballyguange leads to,you can take the lane on te opposite foot of ice skating rink.The lane in the end parts to a two way street.Taking the left one you reach Palm place that’s where Avoire is.
Avoire in association with Store untold conducted this mesmerizing event.Meeting Ankita and Shristi from Store Untold I must say is a complete awesome experience. Store Untold is a small fashion startup, rooted in Kolkata and Mumbai .Store Untold  aims to bring awesome and affordable fashion discoveries to the fashion-loving audience. I am delighted to meet the faces behind this fashion journey.After reaching  Avoire the wall caught my attention.
Then I finally met Ankita Mantri she is a wonderful person.Ankita’s got her  roots in business and love in fashion, When Ankita is not blogging she is exploring culture and food in different cities and towns across the globe. One can find her at pop up events while buzzing around the streets of Mumbai or revisiting old favourite hangouts with her friends. She is a  trained classical dancer, diminutive by stature, with overpowering ideas, she is perfectionist by nature and child at heart.

Shristi Nadhani is a fishion stylist and consultant one of the best thing about her is her personality.She is a very friendly lady who loves to write ,travel and meet new people.Transforming one’s appearance and watch them beaming from inside gives her immense joy.She grated me with a lovely smile.

This multitalented young lady is someone from whom many of us can learn many things.
Stupid Cupid’s Attraction included wonderful desiner gown,dresses ,and other apparels from Shoulder Lab by Aditi Lohani Chandak,Niche offering array of amazing products like scarfs,stoles jewellery.

I liked collection from DMING  by Diming Rubu very much.The designer Diming Rubu is a lovely person.

Then I must say Ankita Dokania Apparels,100 Park Street by Kiro Chowdhury ,Ray and Dale by Rayaan Dalal,  andMaiti Sahani’s work also deserves special mention.

There were amazing games one can enjoy.I love the ambience and everything about this cheesiest fashion party.



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