Introducing Neesh Perfumes: Easy to carry pocket perfumes ,smell well -feel good!

"Fragrance is all about communicating emotions"

Honestly my knowledge of perfumes was confined within the barrier of French perfumes available in different stores.I had very dim idea about attars.Attars are extracted from essential oils and I heard they tay for pretty long.This this because they are not really chemical drenched material they are fragnoils i.e. fragrance and oil .The cute non branded bottles available in some areas of Kolkata are often headache inducing.So kind of stayed away from attars.But Neesh Perfumes changed the idea I had.As they say
 “Perfume is  the most intense form of Memory.”

Neesh Perfumes are scented oils and attars have been adorned by people from ancient times. Today they are found all over the world, around the cities in the form of favourite body product. 

While there are many reasons that can be attributed why people wear Indian Fragrances, but the ultimately boils down to fact that fragrances make us feel happy.
If you love perfumes and your tastes lies somewhere between mild and strong ,I am sure you will love Neesh Perfumes .
In our country ,body odour problem is a major turn off and nomatter how expensive our perfumes are we need reuse specially in summer. But carrying a glass bottle is not easy ,is'nt it?
Sometimes our fashionable purse or sling bags are too tiny to carry them because phone and wallets occupy most of the space. Neesh's pocket perfumes fit even jeans pocket.Needless to say they can fit themself in any kind of bags you carry. Thus i am gonna vote them no.1 in travel friendly category . Yes fashion friendly too.

About Neesh Perfumes:
Neesh perfumes packs come in an extensively made unque packaging.The fragrances are an amalgamation of more than 52 ingredients that have been curated from top notched fragrance producing in India and other countries including Iraq, Venice and others.Neesh offers exclusive and specialized attars that contain 10-20% of essential oils. The higher the proportion of oil in attar,the long lasting smell they have. Usual perfumes in India have nearby 8% concentration. This ensures longer stay fragrancesNeesh perfumes stay for 10-12 hours on a single application

Price of  Neesh Perfumes – Rs 340 (20 ml)
Available at –  Neesh website, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, ebay.
Rose-E-Mohabbat :  It is Neesh’s most enticing fragrance because of its luxurious components such as honey-suckle, rose and lavender.
Amour-De –Oud:  It has a striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes and resolutely innovative elements.It is a completely fresh and rejuvenating perfume.
Attar-E-Ishq: This Neesh Perfume has a base note of sweet vanilla and a top note of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood.
 Oud De Venice:It has a floral, spicy as cinnamon and a deep scent of amber which is absolutely aphrodisiacal and thoroughly aromatic.

The best Things about Nessh Perfumes:
They are travel friendly you can easily carry them in your pocket.
A very little ammont is needed . The fragnace I must say is strong but they will never give you headache.
Huge variety there is one for everybodies taste.
It is pretty much affordable.
Staying power is fabulous lasts for decent 10 hours .
Does’nt stain clothes like non branded attars.

 To know more about them and buy them visit Neesh's Website ==>

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-With lots of Love Soumita 



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