Pink Up This Valentine's

Valentine's Day is known around the world as an opportunity to celebrate love.
Red is the most preffered Valentine hue.Pink on the other hand is universally 
preffered .The youthfull hue of pink is one of the most awesome valentine color. 
This color Pink speaks of affection, sweetness and understanding. Since pink is actually created by combining red and white, some consider pink to be the representation of innocence and virginity. Red on the other hand stands for 
passion .Light pink can represent grace, gentility, admiration and friendship. 
Dark pink, on the other hand, leans more toward gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness.

So this Valentine’s Day My preference is Pink:

I chose Pretty Me Lip color from Faces Ultime Pro Range.

While I am sporting Seduction Las Vegas pretty pink shade ‘One Love

I preffer pocket Perfum From Neesh  ‘Oud-E- Venice

So my prefference is Pink This Valentine's 

What's Yours?



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