Tale of 9yards of Elegance Drapped in Style: Triveni's Bloggers Meet with Saree Drapping Workshop.

Fashion  changes every sixmonths but  have you ever thought of an out fit

 that never goes out-of –fashion.Saree is a beautiful thing that never goes out

 of fashion.If you know how to wear a saree  with proper accessories I must say you always stay 9yards ahead of time.

Triveni Ethnics  conducted a saree draping worshop recently with Ms.Dolly Jain.Triveni ethincs comes from the diamond capital of our country  Surat ,it’s a  30 year old family run business  of Mr Giridhar Saraf.Bloggers from Kolkata were invited by the second generation  of  Saraf  Family ,Mr Avind Saraf, to attend this event at Oxford book store on 7th of February.Mr. Arvind Saraf  is  very soft spoken yet  enthusiastic about a product that has sole interests of women. His prior extensive experience is a matter of amazement, I often wonder how a guy with a PhD in electrical engineering could be at a Triveni saree workshop.
 A Dipsite, IITian (Kanpur) and an MIT return smiles with warmth and goes onto to give us the core values of Triveni .He proceeds with Triveni’s  well defined Vision and Mission.
Triveni Ethnics Brand (www.triveniethnics.com)not only manufactures sarees but deals with all sort ethnic wear for men,women and kids .
In Kolkata the bloggers meet was only focused on sarees.We were kind of introduced first with the fabrics and their speciality .Then started the saree drapping workshop with Ms.Dolly Jain. Let me tell you Ms.Dolly Jain is the fasted saree drapper in the world.She can drape a saree withing 18.5 secs.She also hold guiness and limca book of world records.
She has been a part of film industry as saree drapper for a long time. Her journey started with the film Baghbaan and she had draped numerous bollywood stars.Ms.Jain taught us many tips and tricks of drapping a saree in different styles. She also taught us some saree pinning trics so that we do not end up ruining the fabric.
 She started with the mermaid style .
Then we got to know many tricks and kind of cleared a misconception. Healthy people always nurture a misconception that they might look more fat.But she taught us some drapping style to manage that.
Dona Drapped in Mermaid style

During a small tea break we girls were busy knowing each other and clicking pictures.
Dolly Ji drapping blogger Shikha Agarwal

Bloggers had fun getting to pick sarees from triveni's collection and drape in style we learnt from Dolly Ma'm.
Here is picture with Ms. Dolly Jain

Finally Dolly Ji talked about which petticoat to pick for which saree followed by drapping me in Assamese Style .

Picture Courtesy Goes to
Atoinfinity Blog , The Rainbow Lady and Beautifully Me

We were allowed to pick a Saree for OOTD Post .

And the brand is really sweet to present us their souvenior ,A floral printed file and folder case ,a mobile pouch and their calendar.

I am coming back with OOTD  post with this saree from Triveni  this Woman's Day.
Till then keep exploring the collection (www.triveniethnics.com)
You can download the Triveni App from google play store 

I must say i have learnt a lot from this workshop.
Saree is one of my favourite outfit.Honestly i am ashamed of confessing 
whenever i wanted to wear saree, i have to look for mom.
This workshop conducted by triveni helped a lot .



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