My spring Favourite:Divine Smelling ,Super Cute Soaps from SOAP FACTORY :Lime Soap Review

Spring is enjoyable as well a bit irritating for people like me ,who loves spending a lot of time in shower.Well, first of all  the season is changing , probability of catching cold is high, now even if I choose luke warm water and have fabulous time with shower gels that contains a lot of chemicals , my skin is gonna strip off the natural oils resulting to eithr utter dryness or excessive oil.
The best thing one can do during this season is choose a soap with negligible chemical content.I  recently came a cross a Brand “Soap Factory” .The have huge collection of divine smelling ,ravishingly beautifull hand made luxurious bathing soaps.The brand is Mumbai based and owned by JayshreeRukhana.

Today I am going  to write about a beautiful looking divine smelling lime soap that I’m very fond of. Many alluring soap’s from Soap Factory came in 
Dollup And Take Care’s mail. I chose this beautiful one to try .

Let me tell u about ,Soap factory first.Jayshree started this  first because of her  love for soap making.She later gifted some samples to experts who were not only impressed but stated recommending her soaps to cure skin problems.This how  the journey started nearing success.
Soap Factory Uses  skin friendly material mainly caster oil,shea butter  and essential oils and fruit essence to make their soaps.Their soaps comes in different sizes and price range starts from Rs.50 for 75 gms. Soap Factory makes customized soaps ,wedding hampers ,Baby shower set and many sets to serve different purpose.
My Experience With the Lime Soap:
I am in love with this cutest looking, shell shaped lime soap.
Its fragrance is devine doesn’t only smell of lime but have some added fragrance too.
This lathers decently if you are expecting super lusterous lather you will be disappointed .It is paraben free and sulphate free thus lather is decent .The cleansing aspect takes the cake I must say .
My skin feels loved and cleansed after using this soap.I have sensitive yet oily skin thus cream milk shower body wash or soap cleanses my skin but gives me a creamy oily feeling later,while this thoroughly cleance my skin without making it feel oily.After shower my skin did not feel over dry and I hardly had to rush for a moisturizer.

I am really in love with this Lime Soap from Soap Factory.
You can order them by dropping a DM to their Instagram Page .
Contact them on Facebook
Super cute soaps
Skin friendly materials
Lovely fragrance
Not over Drying

Needs to be stored in dry case,and made sure the case is dry .This soap is hand made thu might melt if not stored in  dry case.

Sharing a glimpse of  their Instagram Page so that you guys can also order these skin friendly,divine smelling Cuties .



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