Smell Awesome ,Feel Awesome: Body Pomade From Aroma Essentials

Hello dolls,
I hope all of you are  enjoying spring, one thing that bothers most of us is that summer is nearing. Kolkata’s summer  is  not really pleasant like  rest of the countries summer. Humidity here is extremely high and bothers every one. Body odour is a problem that bothers everyone specially in summer. The deos , perfumes ,scents  we use everyday to fight body odour problem are mostly alcohol based.Some results to underarm darkening too.
I guess if we could find a solution to this problem life would have been easier.
Guess what ! I have finally found some thing that fights body odour and lightens under arm too.
I guess I introced you all to the brand Aroma Essentials in a previous post where I mentioned how I loved their De-tan face pack.This time I got something more interesting and alluring too.This cute jar of happiness is called “Body Pomade

Price: Rs 350
My experience :
After I return home I preffer staying away from chemicals , I use water based moisturizer from some organic brand and lip balm too chemical free but in case of deo I so far had no choice. This time this Body pomade saved me.
Like every other day I took bath in the late afternoon and thought of trying The Body Pomade from  Aroma Essentials that arrived in my mail for review purpose.Trust me I loved the smell. I am a person with oily skin and I do sweat the lot .This beautiful smelling Pomade comes in a cure jar .It has got waxy creamy texture that you have to use in the areas needed like cream.The smell lasts for decent 4 hours .

It smells of musk,rose,lavender, peach and lemon.Composition includes bee wax and shea butter and the presence of lemon and shea butter contributes a lot to underarm lightening purpose.

New mom’s that needs some fragrance totally acohol free can give this pomade a try .I swear this will not disappoint you.

One thing about this Pomade is the shelf life which is only 6 months.

If You wanna order it visit

The number to order is printed on the label as you can see.



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