Tea As It Should Be - Assam 1860 India's Gourmet Black Tea

They Say “Where There is TEA there is is hope.”I am a tea lover,no matter where we travel tea is something I simply cant skip.I love all kind of tea,be it ilaila –adrak malai tea ,Kadak tea or flavoured one.Today I am gonna tell you all about a  brand that says “ Tea as it should be”.I was super happy when divine smelling Assam 1860 arrived in my mail. 
I got a well packed cute  hamper of attractive tea bags (around 10)

Assam 1860 is a brand launched by James Waren Tea Ltd. Assam1860 comes from one of their leading gardens called, Thowra, located in the upper banks of Moran circle in Assam.

 The Thowra estate is known to produce some of the best quality black tea in the world. The climate and the soil in this region give their  tea bushes an inherent quality that cannot be replicated.

In 1860, James Warren, a young British explorer travelled from Calcutta to Assam on an elephant and managed to buy some land and plant tea bushes. Over the past 150 years, very little has changed! Generations of artisans have worked on their  estates and they ensure that only the very best tea is produced and sold all over the world.

Packaging :
Paclaging  is very interesting.A cute green box with Brand name printed and  the design  that shows some touch of art is unique.The tea bags come in semi transparent lovely looking sachets.

About The Tea:
I like my cuppa without milk and a kadak cup of tea is something a bong cannot resist. I am convinced to  now that it's the tastiest tea in the world that can represent the country  whether you have it without milk or with milk . But I found it more delicious without milk.

If you are a tea lover like me go try this fabulous brand I  can assure you that they are awesome.
If you wanna taste this fabulous tea  visit their website https://www.assam1860.com/



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