Aroma Essentials Orange Facewash Review

Hi  friends  ,hope you guys  are doing  good  .
Today I  am  going  to introduce you all  with  another  amazing product from  Aroma  Essentials 
that Dollup andtakecare received last month .
It is a  devine smelling orange facewash which  is sulphate free.
I truly trust sulphate free facewashes a lot.Let me tell you one thing ,even I had  a kind of confusion whether I am supposed to use orange facewash in summer .But once I  tried  giving it a  try,I honestly fell in love with it.

Packackaging: It comes in a plastic ,transperant bottle with screw cap that you are required to pierce .

Price:Rs .95/-

Shelf life :6 months

My experience :
I took 3 times a pea size amount to cleanse my face. I  applied it on  damp face  , I hardly found any foam .But it cleased my skin really good.I  feels light weight on skin,no extra dryness nor unwanted dewiness .No breakouts were noticed after using, I have some sebum filled tiny pimples with dried out without getting darky scaby hard .It sooths skin and makes my skin feel real fresh.

Devine Smelling
Travel Friendly .

Cons :
Availablity issue ,you can order only online via instagram,whatsapp or facebook

If you wanna place order Number to call 9886497272/7760988272



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