KAMA AyurvedaPure Lavender Water Review

Summer is now ridiculously annoying delhi and Kolkata as well. I would love to appologise to the sun on behalf every bozos rated girls “ hot “.I would love to say to the sun “ You are undoubtedly hotter than everybody else, please do not take the revenge of bozos on us “.
Today I am going to write about a tonerthat soothes skin this summer.
Steam distilled from handpicked Lavender flowers from the wild in the Himalayas, this lavender water has unparalleled soothing properties that provides an instant boost to the skin and reduce stress. Lavender’s sweet fragrance is clarifying and refreshing to start or finish, a long day.
KamaAyurveda Pure Lavender Water is an excellent facial toner, it cools & refreshes in hot weather.

It is also known as Lavender.Traditionally it has been used for its healing powers from a sedative to a natural antiseptic. It is an herb,also used to make medicine.It is highly used in dipression, insomnia, nervousness, acne, joint pain, nerve pain etc.


Rs 725 for 200ml

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About The Brand :

KAMA Ayurveda is a brand that comes up with products loaded with goodness of nature, using ancient wisdom and well being traditions of Ayurveda. KAMA Ayurveda partners with the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) in Coimbatore. Kama’s beautifully designed and packaged products are used in select Retail stores, resorts and spas worldwide including: The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Aman Bagh, The Imperial, The Four Seasons Hotel Maldives, Island Resorts Mauritius and Good Earth.
Kama has won multiple prestigious awards such as the Images award for the ‘Most Admired Launch’ of the Year for a Beauty Retailer, the ‘Best packaging design’ by the Confederation of Indian Industries and the National Institute for Design (CII-NID) and the CII-NID Environmental Graphics Award for the design of the Kama store in Khan Market, their first exclusive store in the country.
Kama Ayurveda already has a rose water which is like quiet famous and their one of the most selling products, they also have vetiver, sandalwood and  mogra water .Today I am going to tell you all about Pure Lavender water from KAMA.

I guess they also come in travel sizes

Packaging :

It comes in semi transparent provided with Spray pump.Its packaging is quite impressive.It actually bears a kind of ‘Medicine’ look ,if anything looking like a medicine depress you please be patient and do not judge the book by its cover.The label pasted mentions its name .The label is of lavender color.

My experience :

Among every other benefits they claim soothing and refreashing property is what is absolutely true.It sooths skin but expecting any magical boost is kind of too much if you’re fighting with delhi’s stubborn sun or kolkata’s heat and untamable humidity. Still splash of this toner feels real good .Lavender variant for me is new and suits my skin pretty much .Obviously you girls have a lot more types in their kitty to try .But
Sandal wood is goona suit every skin type and I am loving the lavender one.Actually I have tried many rose waters till now so lavender is refreshing indeed. I store it in my refridgerator and after bath I splash it on my face .It feels really awesome .I have very very sensitive skin and no adverse effect literally occurred .
So this is kind of must in my tote these days .
1. Love the lovely refreshing lavender smell.It actually makes feel awesome.
2. As Kama’s Site says ,it is Soothing and refreshing indeed.
3.All of us have some inclination towards hassle free stuff .So it is easy to use .My intelligent Dolls must have made wild guess of this fact reading the last paragraph.After all who keeps inconvient stuff in their bags!!
4. Good sturdy packaging and Provided with spray which according to me is very hygienic .
5. Lavender Essential Oil is believed to reduce stress and heal insomnia. I haven’t yet tried this before sleeping .
1. I think it is a little expensive, but good things do not easily come in budget . I guess this 200 ml is suppose to last real long.

2. If you are using this 200ml bottle and you end up dropping it from hands ( only callous like me does that don’t worry ) you might end up hurting your toe but the bottle’s still gonna be alrite (It is sincerely not a con)


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