SAND for Soapaholics 'Citrus Burst' Bathing Powder Review

Hello Dolls hope all of you are doing well.Today I am going to talk about something that will surely bring a smile on your face if you are also having a real hard summer time.I was kind of searching with jackle eyes for a bathing work product that will make up tired skin rejuvenated without making it over dry.And then One day I came across a brand from Bangalore ‘Sand-for Soapaholics’ . Visit their website here
A couple of days ago I received a Bathing powder from the' Ayurvedic deli' range of this brand  ,I was kind of hypnotized by its divine smell.I tried using it the very next day.It is very very beautiful smelling bathing powder which is really lovable. We have very few brands that actually makes powder washes. A popular consumer brand introduced powder face wash in Indian market which was a new thing for most of us .I do not quite have vivid idea about powder bathing washes but this one literally rocks.

Price: Rs 186 for 60gm

Shelf Life:11 months
Packaging : The product comes in a cute looking clear bottle with the cap.I had to to squeeze the bottle to get the product out. I found the packaging is a little inconvenient as it requires a lot of effort and also sometimes consumes a lot of time to get the product out. It would have been easier had it been in a jar with a spatula.These kind of Packaging suits liquid products but or powder ones it’s a little toilsome

My Experience:
Having heard about good experiences of other ladies who used products from this brand ,I really kept good expecpectation
.But this Citrus burst not only completely lives up to its name but is is literally awesome . The minute i opened the lid I was bombarded with this citrus smell,I found it super refreshing but if you are someone who does not like citrus smell then this one is not for you because it has a Real strong smell.
The product is in a powder form as the name suggests. You need to wet your skin and rub the product gently on to your body. It lathers up decently but it definitely makes your skin feel squeaky clean and fresh.

You can know more about it and buy it  here
Skin Friendly
Travel friendly sturdy packaging
Literaly does what it claims to
Smells divine but not over powering
Availability can be issue if you are not from Bangalore,you will have to order online

I find squeezing out the powder a little draining, I wish it had better packaging 



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