Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Review & Swatches

Brightening up a dull day during monsoon is one of the best thing that can happen to anyone .Eyeshadow palatte with bright colors is a fabulous mood changer that changes the dullness to vibrancy.Today I am going to tell you all about an eyeshadow palette I have been using for quite a long time .Makeup Revolution is a brand I blindly trust when in comes to buying eyeshadow palette.Let
me tell you I fell utterly in love with Makeup Revolution’s Eat Sleep Makeup  Repeat palette.

Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat is a palette with 15 eyeshadows in various textures and finishes. The palette is split into 3 sections with the idea of using the colours in the section arranged like quads  to create a look.
Now you can beat the dullness of monsoon ,playing with vibrant colors.
Price Rs :1350/- buy online @ only Rs 950
Let me tell you about colors :
Top L-R: Rave On, Rave Off, Repeat Again
Bottom L-R: Say It Now, Right Now, Right Here, Final Track, Needle On, Hot Track, Re-Mix, Eat Everything, Sleep All Day, Rave All Night, Magician, Ibiza Heaven.
Let’s Divide the Sections now:
Section 1:
Rave On: Completely Matte, white. I would call it underpigmented and chalky.With Fall outs.
Say It Now: Very very vibrant Matte, bright orange toned red that resembles tomatoes  with Negligible silver glitters. It is pigmented but a little powdery resulting to fall out. This color is one of the very very essential one .Indian festivals and ceremonies are incompletely without vibrant touch of red .

Right Now: Matte, neon pink. I do not prefer this shade much ,first of all it is chalky and lacking in pigment, secondly the sections contains colors to create looks which this one do not show up pretty much .
Right Here: Pink toned iridescent purple which is one of my favourite .It is literally  pinker than it looks in the pan, but looks very elegant.
Final Track: Warm magenta, with a purple touch. It’s a bit fall out prone .

Section 2:
Rave Off: Silvery frosted white. It gives a good pay off.
Needle on: Shimmery bright warm green, with a golden satiny finish .
Hot Track: Matte neon acid yellow. Very very chalky and underpigmented, as expected.
Re-Mix: Blackened Emerald shimmer. Pigmented, smooth-satiny finish and lovely pay off.

Eat Everything:I simply love it . This is an olive green with a strong bright yellow undertone. It has tiny gold shimmers that don’t really show on the lid which again is plus point. Thus one is insanely pigmented and soft.

Section 3:
Repeat Again: A comparatively dark bright silver with shimmers

. Insanely pigmented and a dream to apply.
Sleep All Day:This one is  matte finish  cobalt blue with faint silver glitter.
Rave All Night:This one is absolutely lovely, warm shimmery mid toned blue.Good  pigmention, it blends like dream,I am impressed with this shade.
Magician: This is a matte cool purple. A bit on chalky side and underpigmented.
Ibiza Heaven: A beautiful cool indigo with a purpletouch. Needs building but very beautiful.

I am very very happy with this palette.This palette contains shades some of which screems for attention while others are absolutely easy to sport on daily basis . If you have this palette you sort of own almost all eyeshadows shades that goes with your outfits .I mean most of your out fit .
So, which palette are you in love with ? or some mono shadow?

Do tell me in the comment section I would love to know .



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