Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes with Vitamin - E : Review : FOTD

Hello Dolls !!! So let’s discuss diwali planning .We all belong to different cities and our places have different diwali attractions ,isn’t it? So lets do one thing you guys tell me about your city ,I’ gonna tell you all about my city of Joy. I hope all of you are feeling motivated and cheerful this festive season. Honestly when the city is looking adorable,and we are dolling ourselves why forget nails ? Is’nt it very important to maintain nail pampering.Today again I am going to review an essential product needed to keep nails free from worn ot chipped nail paints. I am reviewing nail polish remover wipes from HipHop Skin care today . Let me tell you about HipHop Instant Nail Polish Remover

 Product description says:

HipHop Instant Nail Polish Remover wipes is the easiest and most effective way to remove nail paints while also conditioning the cuticles. The formula is completely ACETONE Free and will not dry or damage the nails. One wipe is enough for 10 nails.

Shelf life : 3 years
Product price and quantity:

110/- for 30 wipes


Usage instructions:

Moisten all painted nails with remover and wipe the nails one by one with the wipe. Close the container immediately. Also wash the hands before touching plastics, mobiles, spectacles etc.


These wipes come stored in a very cute looking one over the other in a cylindrical container with a tightly closing screw cap. The small container is sealed and safely packed in a cardboard box which has all the informations about the product. Almost same instructions and informations are are mention on the backside of the cylindrical tub.

Ingredients :


The wipes are round in shape ,unlike other wipes they are not wet to touch but extremely are moist with remover. The wipes are thick and sturdy enough to not get torn while using them on nails. The tissue like texture is absent in these wipes.

My experience with HipHop Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes:


I have always been honest anout products we review here, so hopefully you guys will believe if I say this is one of the best nail polish remover wipes I have used till date. Pricing is a factor ,say we barely wish to invest more that 80 bucks on nail polish remover wipes,thus 100+ bucks is not on pricey side,yet I cannot say it is pocket friendly.But quality is fabulous.It requires very little effort to remove nail paints. The  best part, it removes glitter nail paints with minimal effort.

Most wipes seems to make my finger tips and nails feel dry ,this is one of the awesome one I have used .It contains vita-e which nourishes my cuticles and no dry feeling is notinced.

The idea of combining nailpolish removing with nail pampering is fabulous ,isn’t it?
Pros :

  •     Very very sturdy packaging ,therefore it is travelling.
  •    One wipe is enough to remove nail paint from all the fingers.(all 10 of them)
  •   Contains Vitamin E and other nourishing factors.Therefore unlike other nail polish removers, it doesn’t dry out the area near the nails after using .
  •     The formula is absolutelu parabens free
  •    Removes glitter nail paints with ease.Requires almost not no effort to remove normal nail paints .
  •     Shelf life is pretty long

Cons :

  • A little bit on  pricey side as compared to liquid nail polish removers in market.
  •  The wipes may dry off if the box is not closed properly and tightly.This is one of the problems with screw cap tubs .
  •  Availability can be an issue.Specially offline availability .
  •  It’s strong intense smell may offend those with sensitive nose



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