Hiphop Skin care Salt and Sugar Gel Face Wash with Miceller Water

Hi friends , now that the festive season is over let me tell you I was looking for some facewash that could brighten up my dull and tired skin .All of you who are my regular readers must be knowing that I am not a beliefer of instant brightness or fairness.Today I am going to write about a face wash that gives your skin a feeling of freshness other than cleansing it.
Today I am going to tell you all about my experience with HipHop skin care’s Salt and Sugar Gel Wash.

Price: Rs .90/-for 120ml

Packaging: Packaging  is simple ,it comes in a tube with a cap.

Texture: Texture is absolutely smooth ,with not so runny consistency .It is colorless and looks absolutely trasparent.

Ingredients :

My Experience with the Gel Wash:
As you see it is called “Gel “ wash , the first use gave me absolutely awesome impression.Let me tell you I am pretty much fond of nice smelling washes , but I hate over the top fragrances .This one is absolutely lovely.It reminds me of the fragrane of that oldest version of Ponds Face wash my mom use to use .
I was a kid then .I loved that smell, let me tell you the Hiphop Salt and Sugar gel will impress you not only with the smell as I am impressed by the cleansing property of this gel wash.After using this my skin neither feels oily nor over dry .Skin feels refreshed and the fragrance lasts say 3 mins after wash .I am loving the brand’s face wash .
This face wash is also efficient to remove light weight makeup like BBcream and liptints .This face wash did not exhibit any adverse effect on my sensitive skin ,Thus I will recommend this to everybody.

If you wish to buy it you can buy from

Pocket friendly
Travell friendly as it fits in my hand bag
Beatiful fragrance
Awesome cleansing property
Skin does not feel dry


Availabily is an issue  if you wanna buy it offline 



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