I am not addicted to coffee,we're just in a commited relationship:Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

“You can’t buy happiness ,but you can buy coffee that’s pretty close”
Hello everyone, so I guess we have some coffee lovers here. If you are a regular reader of Dollup and Take Care ,I am sure you guys will know that I am not really nurturing any kind of partiality between Coffee and Tea. My morning seems incomplete without  coffee.
And “A yawn is my silent scream for a hot cup of coffee”.My winter morning’s stubborn drowse nurture one kind of untold enemity with coffee.I am the one who enjoys this morning delight of drowse vs coffee.
So when I received these coffee blends from Beanstalk & Leaves, my happiness knew no bound. Needless to say that mid morning or evening gives me a coffee crave during winter. The enigmatic  aroma of the freshly brewed coffee followed by the heavenly strong bitter-sweet taste that lingers on your tongue feels so divine.The perfect amalgamation of the taste and the aroma not only feels divine on tongue but the aroma lingers the whole day long on mind , I guess that could be considered sinful sometimes ..isn’t it? . 

Beanstalk & Leaves is a brand that manufactures filter coffee .The three variants of coffee from this brand arrived in my mail ,namely Shotgun, Smooth Operator and Velvet Dew . My readers already know that I prefer strong with suitable aroma whether it’s Tea or coffee. Needless to say that the strongest variant is my recent love. Shotgun is the strongest one . Smooth Operator and Velvet dew bears awesomeness of their own trait.
About Beanstalk & Leaves:
Two hot shots on a run to take over the world! This brand is basically owned by two fabulous coffee lovers Vivek Ramnani,a mechanical engineer by qualification and Ashish Gyan armed with a masters in genetics .These people hopes to serve coffee lovers with best coffee drinking experience.The blend they are mesmerizing us with are combinations of simplicity,depth and essence of their story.
Shotgun Coffee Powder: Rs.335 for 250g.

Smooth Operator Coffee Powder: Rs.295 for 250g.

Velvet Dew Coffee Powder: Rs.355 for 250g.


The coffee powders come packed in a black pouch with a ziplock. Having a ziplock is very convenient as it helps to lock in the aroma and maintain the freshness for a longer span of  time without having to transfer it into a jar. The only thing is, none of the packaging mentions the percentage of chicory.

Brewing fact:

These are filter coffee powders, so you would need a traditional coffee filter for preparing them. They come in 3 variants – Shotgun, Smooth Operator and Velvet Dew. All of them takes just 2-3 minutes to brew the decotion. So easy for people who are pressed for time.

Let me tell you guys about the three variants now ,first of all I would love to introduce them .

Velvet Dew

“This blend is engineered to bring out the best in you and makes the world a better place to live in. Helps in putting your angry neighbours, girlfriends and your ex-girlfriend in a good mood.”

Velvet dew is the mildest of the three coffee you have when you need to relax and unwind.It is mostly my regular coffee that I love to sip may be when I am reading a book or making music.

Shot Gun

“Wakes you up with a bang only to make you the most efficient sentinel being who has achieved hundred percent efficiency. Basically what we are saying is that you get stuff done.”
Shot Gun as the name suggests, is a really strong blend to give you that kick.. This particular name reminds me of shots of vodka! Chill just kidding whenever I am edinting a design this coffee kind of ends up adding a kick to keep errors away . Needless to say you can rely on this variant for a perfect cuppa you need on a  work loaded afternoon ,when you need that stimulation.This one is my favourite out of all the three.

Smooth operator

“A blend that instantly translates you into a smooth smokin killer type fellow which in turn makes you feel invincibly smooth.”
Smooth Operator is a lovely blend too. It is something you can call “strong” and has an after taste of chocolate. Aaahmaaziing ….!! Is’nt it like buy a denim get another free and the free pick is equally good enough compared to the one you just picked. Coffee and chocolate together, I mean.. what else can love sound like ? I don’t quite know if this is gonna be a great hit with men too, but this variant is definitely collect some lady fan.

* Convenient zip-lock packaging to preserve the aroma and freshness. Those who travel a lot ,take a chill pill this one’s travel friendly
* I am in love with the diifferent variants things, I’m a moody person so I have some perfect variants  to suit different mood ,yes the same feature serves the purpose of serving people’s tastes.
* I hate it when my morning coffee takes forever to brew .Luckily these takes just 2-3 minutes to brew the decotion.
* I am saving my coffee shop bills buddy ! I am getting restaurant-style filter coffee at home.
* This literally wakes me up ! as this fabulous coffee recharges and clears your mind and relieves headache and tiredness.
* Available online at Amazon and through their website.
* The percentage of chicory is not mentioned in the packaging.
* This is not a con ,still I would be literally happy if they introduce an instant coffee blend.



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