Things You should Know before buying Concealer

Hello Dolls today I am going to tell you all about a few things that you should keep in mind before buying concealer.
We are very very fond of them ‘cause they are literally the flawless flaw hider.In Indian  market you get liquid concealer as well as case sticks. Pencil concealers are also there but they are not much different from the stick ones.
First of all you should be very very clear about the flaw you want to hide. Yes budget is a thing, but honestly you have to think about the flaw first. Did you know different textured concealers masters the task of hiding different type of flaws . Well, yeah budget’s the bitch . 
Let me tell you one thing if you are nurturing a thought that if you invest once in the expensive one and that will serve you all the purpose , sorry darling you are wrong .
I would rather suggest to analyze your flaws if you are not blessed with awesome skin I am sure you will need a good liquid and another good stick concealer . I just mentioned “good” which literally means good ,not the best of its kind so keep calm Mr. Budget will retain his flawless smile.
1.     Under eye concealing needs a liquid concealer ,it is very very important to choose this concealer wisely for all age group. All you have to do is a good hunt which means get yourself a perfect combo of light weight and good coverage is a must .
2.     When you are buying under eye concealer please buy the one that matches your neck and not arms .This will probably save you from the vampire looking makeup and you will end up looking picture perfect even in full flash.
3.     If you have reddish/purplish pimples and scars you are intending to hide get youself a concealer that is one or two tones fairer than you complection . If the redness is fierce make sure the concealer you are buying has yellow undertone not pink.
4.     Never ever use stick concealer to hide mouth area pigmentations , a light weight liquid concealer will do that work decently. Under eye and mouth area muscles under goes a lot of movement depending on our facial expressions thus chances of getting fine lines is pretty high .
5.     If are a teenager and pimples have started declaring their own battles , I  know some experts are suggesting you concealers that contain salicylic acid /herbs .And trust methey are right ,but you should beware of one thing .If you have used salicylic acid containing facial wash, scrub or something and you have noticed betterment and not allergic reaction go for it otherwise go for basic ones .
This much for today lovelies ….. keep rocking stay gorgeous .



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