8 Beauty Secret’s We did not know about Hollywood’s Vintage Beauty Grace Kelly

Today I am going to tell you  all about one of those Vintage beauties who is absolutely praise worthy .Grace Kelly was one of those effortless beauty of Hollywood that redefined beauty with her simple chic look.She is that flawless beauty of Hollywood who became a real life princess.Today I am going to tell you all about some of her Bauty secrets .
1.She was the one who made us believe in “DO IT YOURSELF” thing:
Did you know Grace Kelly did her own makeup and hair .Honestly we get to see many beautiful women and media never fails to praise them . These days makeup artist , Hair Dressers ,stylists and fashion enthusiast gain a lot of media attention ,but the situation wasn’t the same during her time . Grace was not only incredibly beautiful but also talented .Her makeup and hair dos credit belonged to her only .Isn’t that awesome?
2.She had her Signature Perfume :
It is good to experiment and try out different perfume . But having a signature perfume is really classy .If somebody is able to find a perfume that suit’s her personality then it is the thing that informs her arrival.Grace Kelly ‘s signature perfume was Creed’s Fleurissmo.
3.She valued her health:
She used to drink a lot of water,did not smoke and used to swim . Grace used to practice ballet in her teenage.She was very particular about her diet she used to bring carrot sticks and dry apricots on set which she used to have in between hours of meal . She even practiced Yoga.
4.Countor Godess nd sculpt mania:
Her sculpted look used to be a stricking feature of her look.Countouring is one of the over experimented makeup trend these days ,even today you can find makeup artist ruining your look with harsh countour line . Can you believe Grace expertise this art even when  30% the fashion industry was not even well acquainted with the countour aspect ??? Yes it is not always about using the appropriate product,it is only about what looks good on you and looks close to natural.Grace Kelly used to use blush to create her countoured look . Yes! You’ve read it right. Grace used to use two different shades of blush.A lighter one on the dropping arch of cheek bones and a little bit dark on to fill the hollows.
5.Brown Magic to frame her face:
Perfectly drawn and dramatic eyebrows were trendy when she was reigning the fashion industry but what made her look natural was her delicate eyebrow trick. She used to use a tawny brown eyeshadow to fill her brow delicated . Such a talented  self made Makeup artist she was!
6.She was never without her hand cream:
Grace Kelly was religious about keeping her hand moisturized . She used to moisturize her hands many times  a  day.She believed that hands are where women’s age shows up first.
7.“Main apni Favourite hoo “ is fine,but disliking one’s own flaw is not a taboo:
Grace Kelly’s height was near 5ft 7 inch,which was not a very familiar one in her time on screen. She used to feel that her waist is too small and even her legs were too long . Honestly girls these days would love to have that but she did not like that feature of hers.
8.Shopping Mania with perfect taste :

Grace Kelly was not someone you can call “ shopaholic” and not even less is more type when shopping was a choice. Avoiding too blatant curves,too tight dresses, too lavish furs, she became a renowened name in the fashion industry.She used  to grab if a dress caught her eyes.She used to wear those for many years.She was loyal to her favourite dresses just like she was loyal to her old pals.



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