Alanna Naturally Beautiful Oatmeal & Honey Facial & Body Soap Review

Hello Dolls..
I think all of you know that I prefer shower gels over bathing bars,they tend to refreash me more. I have been pretty much impressed with the bathing bar I’ve been using guess you all have read my review .Today I am going to tell you all about a bathing bar I am loving these days . I am CTM routine followers who barely skips exfoliating . My CTM and exfoliation routine is’nt confined to face alone for body hygiene I rely to the same routine .

Recently , a couple of beauties arrived in my mail from a brand called Alanna -Naturally Beautiful.The soap they sent is of Oatmeal & Honey variant , having taken a look at the ingredients I immedietely made up my mind to use it from the next day.
As we all know oatmeal works great as exfoliating agent, therefore presence of oatmeal is a promising factor. It assures that the scrubbing action wild exactly fulfill the need .It’s neither going to be very harsh and irritating nor too mild to remove dullness. Any soap containig oatmeal is considered good for skin because oatmeal itself is a good cleansing agent as it contains saponins. This soap from Alanna can be used in face too because it contains oatmeal which exhibits anti-inflamatory property ,it calms down eczema,rashes, pimples and sudden break outs .
Now let us come to honey,honey treats acne therefore oily skinned beauties have now got another reason to love this soap. Many of us somehow win battles against facial acnes with out skin care regime ,but what about back acne and chest acne that many of us suffer? Yes this soap can be your saviour in such case . Honey also exhibits anti-aging property plus it makes skin soft, firm and supple. Therefore it behaves as a complection booster .

Price :
Rs 150/- from 100grms

Packaging :
The soap comes in a card box pack opening with you get the rectangular bar soap sealed in a plasting pack . The soap is off white in color,the side surface of the soap gives hint of the presence of oatmeal.
In the card box the nature of the product is mentioned along with it’s properties and it assures that the soap is 100% natural,parben free, sulphate free home made  and cruelty free.


My Experience:
Having applied the soap to wet skin ,I would say it lathers decently like any other natural soap with mild fragrance . I am very very impressed with the clensing property of this soap . I actually sweat a lot specially at back area. This soap successfully removed oil and grim from the area.Usually the soaps and gels the so far promised to do this make the back skin over-dry resulting to the sretion of more oil and trapped more grim . This soap successfully scrubed and cleansed and the presence of honey successful took the step to hold moisture. Thus the oil balance was not disturbes therefore my skin feels good too .
I would recommend this soap to everyone as , I think this is going to serve everyone’s need . Oily skinned beauties to dry skinned beauties , pimple fighting high schoolies to anti-aging hunting ladies this will fulfill everybodies need .

I have been regularly using this soap during my visit to my hometown Kolkata ,if not like Delhi but kolkata also was’nt lagging behing this winter . I must say even during this chilly winter my skin felt firmed ,softer and dullness was no longer there.

Budget friendly.
Naturall soap with is absolutely cruelty free.
Does what it claims to.
Smells okay .
Lathers decently but doest not melt fast like other natural soaps .
Paraben free, sulphate free and hand made.

I could not find any ,other than the availability .



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