Island Kiss Launched New Variants of Lip Moisturizer & Stains with SPF 15, Black Rose & Grenade Rouge ,Flamingo Pink and Peonies Review

Guess What? I have been island kissed once again . Remember how excited I was to introduce you all to this sassy –sweet brand “ Island Kiss “ . Their lip moisturizers that they rather term as tropique pomades already impressed me enough to nurture huge expectation from the newly launched variants . If you all havent yet read my review of Island Kiss previous launch click here to read

Packaging: Packaging style remains the same as it was . So the packaging’s classy look and uniqueness gave me some idea about the lippies inside. But honestly I was not really expecting such over loaded goodness from  the brand.

Price : 499/- (each )

To give a boost to your sassitude this brand has come up with two more variants of their organic lip moisturizers :

Black Rose  and Grenade Rouge ( foxy red head)

Flamingo Pink & Peonies (wink pinkpout)

My Experience:

First of all the previous variants , Alma Vanila and Inges lavender, Cherry Blossom were lavenderish and Bunny Pink but pigmentation wise they were not compatible with the other variants of tinted lippes in market . Peurto Berry blush ,stole my heart but consistency was not thick therefore during winter it felt too sheer to use and transferred a bit too much . Now, I must say ,I am left with no points to complain .The petroleum free,non-toxic lipmoisturizers of variants Black Rose  and Grenade Rouge ( foxy red head) &  Flemingo Pink & Peonies (wink pinkpout) are amazingly pigmented and moisturizes truelly well , cold compression definitely go better this time as these variants and thick in texture thus transpers much lower than previous ones and keeps lips moisturized .

Flemingo Pink & Peonies (wink pinkpout): The fragrance starts with Margarita cocktail . The tropique pomade will give your sassitude a Miami Beach feeling . Provided with spf15 ,they make you feel free to show thumbs down to the sun .

I love pinks that are a little inclined towards coral ,therefore this lip moisturizer is a lot close to my heart .Its pigmentation is as thick as cream blush and moisturization lasted 5 good hours for me . this adds subtle coral pink tint to lips and transpers a lot less than the previous ones

My *nude lipgloss days now got a new way to show sassitude .Toxic lipglosses are now gonna be replaced by the the goodness of 100% natural, organic petroleum free lip pomades by Island kiss

Black Rose  and Grenade Rouge ( foxy red head) : Blessed with goodness of Pomegrate Rouge ,it’s crimson note adds a bit of maturity to tiny-weeny sassitude of red and ,matured darkenss of Black rose prevails to give you womanhood a more defined and confidently bold look.

If you are a red lipstick person and want to retain the naturl beauty of your lips trust me you are definitely gonna love Foxy Red Head . 
Its consistency and pigmention will not only give competion rather is highly eligible to give inferiority complex to lipsticks .Moisturization lasts for good 4-5 hours .

It also provided with spf15 and is of 100% natural, organic petroleum free ,therefore you can keep the risk of wearing it while sleeping . I tried ,guess what happened ?

By the time I woke up my lips did not had the layer of moisturizer o ,but was moisturized as it was absorbed and the red tint faded a lot but my lips looks amazing , even after brushing and washing my face the faded tint was there and it did look natural yet amazing

I guess I have got my ‘go to’ red lippie and gonna keep more and more in stalk.

I would say they provide you beauty and lipcare at the sametime . So I am becoming a loyal believer of the brand ……what about you?

 Pros :

 100% natural, organic petroleum free
Comes with spf 15
Awesomely long lasting and beautiful moisturization
Insanely pigmented
Classy and Sassy Packaging

Cons :   

Not really Pocket friendly (still I don’t mind investing a bit on organic ,natural lipcare)



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