Nyle Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo With Natural Extracts :Review

Spring arrives with lots of happiness , in bengal and Chattisgarh –Bengal belt the charm of this beautiful season is celebrated in different way like Shantinikatan’s Basanta Utsav , puruliya’s Palash Parbon and many more celebrations to sing the praise of Spring . But Spring is not all about goodness for skin and hair ,during spring you have to take extra care . I’m in my early 20’s thus skin problems and changes are’nt new  to me .I usually take extracare of it,but in this hectic ,frantic rat race hair often fails to get that much deserved attention . Thus scalp dryness , lack in maintenance of pH balance ,dry frizzyness and dandruff shows up . I usually do not suffer hair problems through out the year ,but during spring my scalp and hair becomes stubborn and wants some pampering . 

So ,pampering actually took place , Newly Launched Anti-Dandruff shampoo from Nyle actually arrived in my mail . The house of Cavin Kare gave me three newly launched rather revamped variants. Out of which I have chosen Nyle Naturals’ Anti-Dandruff Shampoo  to review first. This Shampoo is totally paraben free and is loaded with the goodness of Aloevra, Curd and Lemon . The chemical composition also suggests that it is pretty safe and not at all harmful.
I guess all of you must have seen the TVC of this Shampoo …

Packaging :
 As you can see Nyle’s Packaging went through bit of changes and is now matching the trending style in the market . The rectangular sleek tube packaging with flipcap .I would say it is very very sturdy .
Price :
Products from the house of Cavin Kare do bear the reputation of rational pricing and good quality . Rs: 190 /-for 400ml is absolutely reasonable . Right?
Shelf Life :

2 years 

My Experience :

Touchwood my hair problems were never serious enough to pay serious attention though my mom always pays serious attention. As I mentioned spring is my hair’s danger zone , My scalp usually behaves weird during this season , when humidity is more my scalp starts secreating too much oil , while with dryness in weather my scalp feels ichy and dry with little bit of dandruff . Frizzy ness is noticed and my hair feels very dry and under nourished . Nyle is a trusted name in the industry . Now , I must say I regret having not given a try to this brand during my high school life .  I cannot trust chronic dandruff suffering beauties a magic wand cure in just one wash . But trust me after three washes you’ll feel the difference ,you are gonna love it.

Nyle Naturals’ Anti-dandruff shampoo is loaded with the goodness of curd and lemon that actually works as very effective agent to figh dandruff . Aloevera is another important natural extract present in the formula that keeps the pH balance and  moisture locked . Consistency is a bit runny compared to other shampoos , I do not really mind that aspect as long as it does what it claims to do. This shampoo is absolutely pearlish white with perfectly blended fragrance of lemon and aloevera . Fragrance is very very mild , which is a thumbs up point . I prefer skin care, bath and body care and hair care products that have mild fragrance . After first wash I felt the difference my scalp’s oil was not dripped and not dryness prevailed . My hair felt softer and less entangled even after keeping it untied . No dandruff was visible after washing my hair .

After Day Three , my hair actually felt the thing the shampoo promises dandruff free , norished smooth hair with no scalp dryness .
One more Awesome thing about this shampoo is you can skip conditioner when you use it .

Pros :

Affordably awesome.
Availability is not an issue .
Paraben free  yet long shelf life.
Actually soothes scalps and fights dandruff .
I am loving the revamped packaging .
Mild yet lovely smell.
Lathers decently not really much difficult to wash off.
A medium coin sized amount is generous enough to wash hair (mine is not much long , 3 inches away from reaching waist line )

Cons :

Flip cap need to be a little more tight , ‘cause the consisitency is not much thick , therefore travelling with this pack is a bit of risk issue.



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