Spinz Eau De Perfume Perfume Mystique :Review

A Perfume is something which is invisible yet an unforgetable accessory
Perfume is that unforgable accessory without which nobody fully ready.Today I am definitely going to tell you’ll about a fabulous Perfume from Spinz .

Spinz Eau De Perfume Mystique arrived in my mail a couple of days ago,I have been a fan of this brand since my teenage days. Exotic deos from spinz are my favourite . Needless to say I have good impression about this brand ,as brands from the house of Cavin Kare never dissappointed me .

I was not really keeping expectation that we actually keep for hi-end brand perfumes . But I am glad to say this perfume surprised me .Its mysteriously impressive fragrance with middle notes of emphatic parma coriander and spicy cinnamon,patchouli,moss and vetiver creates  the horizon where mysterious meets mildness of floral notes .

Packaging: Comes in a Foil colored card box pack, the perfume bottle looks very pretty and classy. This mesmerizing perfume's bottle is a very pretty Purplish-violet glass bottles with fade-stain style.This color is Spinz’s signature color .

Price: Rs.300 for 50ml .

My Experience :Spinz claims it as one of the exotic florally –fruity smelling perfume . I can say that the very first spray was enough to love it . It’s lasting power is honeatly a giant leap better than average , if not really longlasting .
This perfume is composed of sensual florals with emphatic middle note of parma coriander and spicy cinnamon,patchouli,moss and vetiver in dry down bring out the richness the perfume owes its mysterious facets to the presence of numerous aldehydes which goes along with floral fruity fragrance.

It will not lasts that long like fragnoils last ,but it does have longevity that can beat many ladies perfumes . The fragrance is a perfect combination of  maturity and youthfullness , thus I find it unique .
I am definetely suggsting you guys to try it , if you ask if I am buying it the answer is yes.
Yes ,if you have a budget too tight to buy your girlfriend or bff a gift ,go for this .Trust me , she's gonna love it..

Affordably fabulous .
If not superlonglasting ,but quite good and better than average.
Classy packaging .
Universal blend of youthfulness and maturity in composed notes .
Cons :
I could’nt find any though is’nt really longlasting as it claims .I cannot really comment on this because not even hi-end perfumes survives kolkata’s humidity.



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