Thursday, 16 March 2017

Best Skin Care Tips for Spring and Summer

India’s is a country where excitement about summer is’nt as intense as spring or autumn.When summer approaches our skin requires major care . Today I am going to share some handy and natural ways to keep your skin flawless this summer .
Hydrate Yourself :
During spring we need to drink a lot of water ,but when summer finally aproaches plain water is not suffiecient to fulfill our need . As we sweat a lot , glucose and coconut water is definitely going to maintain  balance .
Detox :
Wake up and switch to green tea or green beans coffee instead of regular black one . Include raita for lunch if you are not prone to acidity . But not a regular raita , add crushed corrainder and mint leaves  to dahi .
Wash :
Wash your face atleast twice and maximum 5 times , exceeding that will drain off the regular moisture and result to imbalance . Your skin will end up producing excess oil and clogg pores and pimples are gonna show up .
Use Good Cleanser :
Understand your skin type and choose your cleanser accordingly . If you are confused ,the parlour lady with help out , encourage her diagnosis not product selling capability .Use a soap free and paraben free cleanser for better result .
Toning and moisturizing : Moisturizers are seldom skipped but toner is often neglected . Toning is an important part of skin care routine . You can use green tea stored s ice as toner they work pretty good for early 20 breakout prone skin .If you are in your late twenties try lavender water .
Face Pack :
If you have more or less clear skin you may not feel the need  to use facepack ,but using one will prevent you skin from probable damage and early aging . I recommend  sandal wood powder in rose water face pack mixing a bit of fuller earth . Sandal wood prevents tanning , fuller earth has soothing property and rose water is  good for skin ,it lightens and softens skin .
Natural Tan Removal :
If you think you face and neck seems tanned try crushing some corriander leaves and apply it on tanned area , trust me it works like a magic wand . For beach tan 3 consecutive days of the treatment works like magic .
Uneven skin and pimple :
Try  to mix two tea spoon turmeric with 1 table spoon yogurt .then add 4-5 crushed mint leaf and a pinch full Saffron . It will not only work for uneveness , but will kill pimple causing bacteria , saffron will add glow  to skin and turmeric will fight apparent tan . I would recommend you all  to try this after sunset ‘cause if you step out into the sun after using turmeric  your skin will be prone to sunburns more than normal . Yogurt will provide you balance moisturization .
Diet :
Do not skip greens , it is completely ok to consume non-veg as much as you like but somewhere  there should be balance . Do not skip greens . One green sabzi that you should include in your diet during this spring –summer transition perioud is fenugreek can try out different recipe with fenugreek leaf . My mother cooks a fabulous one I’m gonna share  the recipe with you all  real soon .
Hair :
Keep you hair dirt and dandruff free , these factors secretly contribute to many major skin problems ,but we hardly count .
Sleep :
Get adequate sleep , sleep early and wakeup early  this will not only improve your physique but skin too.
Stick to aquabased primer , foundation avoid thick ,pore clogging makeup . If you have no option use it but make sure you take them off when you don’t need  them anylonger . If you use thick coverage makeup during day time take care of you water consumption . You need  to increase that ,even if that results to visiting wash room frequently .
Life Style :
Wipe your phone screen guard with with anti bacterial wipes , change pilow cases and bed sheets pretty often .

This much for today will come up soon with more tips and reviews till  then

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