Nyle Volume Enhance Paraben free Shampoo With Naturally Extracts of Amla-Lavender-Reetha-Blackberry Review || Blogger Soumita Saha || Dollup & Take Care

Hello Lovelies !!!  Now  Spring  is  about  to say  good bye  and  the sun is smiling .  The  worst  hair problem we face  during summer is humidity ,as  a  result of which  the volume factor of our hair suffers.
I  received  a  few  shampoos  from Nyle’s  new launches  and  after  a  satisfactory  result  Nyle Anti Dandruff  Shampoo  successfully managed  to exhibit , I  was  pretty much excited  to try  the volume enhance  variant . The best part about these shampoos from the house of  Cavin Kare is  ,they are paraben free . They do contain chemicals  ,but  none of  them  are  fiercely harfull  for scalp .

In our country humidity is  a factor , if your  from  kolkata  you must knowing  how humidity  literally  damages skin and  hair . There  are many shampoos  from hi-end brands  that are  volume enhancing but  their chemical compostion will  restrict you from buying ,if you like  natural care . This  variant is  pretty  same  as  the old long and  bouncy  variant of Nyle . I did  try  sachettes  from that variant , cleansing and softening was incredible but  I was not  satisfied with bounce  factor it failed  to keep promise . I  was wondering  if  the new one is gonna  be  the old wine  in new bottle ,but  no I  was  surprised  .. It worked like magic and  actually  did  what  it claims .

Packaging :
As you can see Nyle’s Packaging went through bit of changes and is now matching the trending style in the market . The rectangular sleek tube packaging with flipcap .I would say it is very very sturdy .

Price :
Products from the house of Cavin Kare do bear the reputation of rational pricing and good quality . Rs: 190 /-for 400ml is absolutely reasonable . Right?

Ingredients :

Shelf Life :
2 years
The Brand Says:
Makes Dry and Rough hair soft and beautiful. With the Goodness of Amla, Green Tea and TulsiHealthy scalp & hair, Soft & Silky Hair, Protects hair from dryness. Nothing Heals like nature.
My Experience  With Nyle Volume Enhance Shampoo:
This shampoo is black in colour and has  consistency like lotion. It smells mostly of lavender and Amla .It smells mild , the fragrance lingers on in the hair for quite some time post a hair wash.

I  usually oil my hair at night and  cleanse  the next morning .I  intentionally skipped  the oiling  step  to  check  if  it drips off  natural oil from my scalp . I  was  surprised  to see  it neigther made my  hair over dry ,nor was my scalp oily . The  naural oil balance reigned undisturbed , while my scalp felt thoroughly cleansed. Every  strand  felt softer and  managable . After  three washes  my  hair  looked  shiny too .

Now  ,coming  to the main factor  it did not disappoint me  like  the previouse long and bouncy version . My hair  did looked voluminious  ,but if your  are expecting drasting  change  that hair sprays gives then you may end up with a bit of disappointment .
Affordably awesome .
Pretty much available both  on and offline.
Cleanses hair very well, removes oil and dirt from hair effectively.
Keep hair shiny and manageable.
Post hair-wash I feel my hair soft and less tangled.
Lovely smell ,yet ot overpowering .
Didn’t make my hair dry or rough.

Honestly, I could not find any .



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