Stay Flawless and Tan free with-TBC by Nature’sPower Magic Peeling Gel Scrub: Review

Finally Spring is here, I know winter so far gave you assurance ,’if winter comes ,can spring be far behind?’.Now that spring is already here ,but now spring is here we’re worried about summer and tanning too.The ridiculous part about summer is not only heat ,but dustand pollution which causes damage and form layers of dead skin cells on your skin. At that moment when you look into the mirror and spot your skin turning dull and flaky that means this is the time to apply some exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and hidden impurities from our face. 

My nightmare is not possibly frightening me and most of you this summer .Proveda Herbals ,the parental company that introduced  TBC By Nature  to us launched  Power Magic Peeling Gel Scrub. It is loaded the goodness of Beta-white whitening peptides and nano technology makes this scrub literally awesome.

As you all know I  do not write much about skin whitening products,but  this scrub makes skin radiant and free from impurities indeed. When this scrub came in my mail I was sure that it will not disappoint me ,because the previous body lotion I reviewed from 'TBC by Nature'  was awesome . Needless to say I was not only impressed with the scrub but after a week I literally started loving it .

Power Magic Peeling Scrub is a gel that visibly rolls, lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged onto skin. It replenishes your skin with the goodness of Pineapple, Pomegranate, Keratinase, effectively peel and help uncover a smooth, fresh, new complexion without drying, irritating, or causing undue stress to skin. It removes impurities and decongests clogged pores for a youthful, radiant look.

Packaging of a product is very very classy  as the card box says “ Signature Series”. The Power Magic Peeling Gel Scrub comes in a red colored tube with flipcap opener .

Price :
Rs. 350/- for  100ml.


Shelf Life: 1yr 

My Experience :

The consistency of the scrub is thick with refreshing tiny beads  to exfoliate skin and decongest clogged pores .The scrub claims to be Paraben free. Many brands use Paraben to make their cosmetic free from any bacteria or fungus attack,but it does leaves adverse effect on skin. This lovely scrub is completely safe and authentic.

I think most of you know , that I love using fragrance free products.This product comes with very little fragrance .
It works as both scrub and cleanser . I usually use moisturizer immediately after scrubing ,but this product did not dry out my skin at all . I do not know about uncovering a new complection ,but yes  a new texture of skin is what I experienced .

Kudos  to the brand for not testing it on animals . It is derived from 100% natural and mineral derivatives . It is animal crueltry free.

Pros :
Not tested on Animals ,totally animal cruelty free.
100% veg , contains no parabens .
Suits my super sensitive skin .
Affordable product .
Removes dead skin cells , decongest clogged pores.
Makes skin Radiant with rejuvenated cells .
It barely behaves like a typical whitening product .
Available online almost on all e-commerce sites .
Rational Shelf life .

Cons :

Offline availability is an issue .



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