Summer Special Outfit ft. OCM pvt Ltd's Savannah Collection

Hello Dolls ,
I don’t  know wherefrom  I am supposed  to find words  to appologise  to you all, sorry for no updates so far . I hope all  of you are doing well . I was actually  busy with my music project last few days . Today I am back with a summer special Outfit of The day Post . I  think all of us are afraid of suntan and in india’s humidity 90% sunblocks fail . I have been experiencing delhi’s heat and kolkata’s  humidity equally ,you can say I don’t  yell anymore . To protect my arms I opt for thhree quatered or fullsleeved clothes when I step out in  the sun . But I make sure it is made out of cotton .

Today’s Post will Feature a beatifull kurti from OCM PVT LTD’sSavannah Collection .
First thing  that I usually look before choosing a summer out fit is color  this  Kurti will automatically sooth your eyes . The color is a perfect blend of fern and mint green .
Price : 2895 INR

I honestly found it so comfortable that i wore it to studio.
One is true , i usually give you all my outdoor shot pictures but this time reality reside more 'cause it is really the kurti i chose  to wear when i am supposed  to be on  studio floor .Therefore it deserves some speciallity right?

I have teamed this amazing looking  kurti with blue Jeans and Dokra Jewellery .
Details :
Kurti : OCM Pvt Ltd Savannah by Khadi collection
Jeans : Lee Cooper
Slippers : Catwalk

Jewellery : Dokra Baught from Bishnupur Local Market (for the studio picture the necklace i am wearing is baught from Gariahat open air market) 
Nail Paint : Avon
Wrist Watch : Maxima 


This much for today , i shall come back with some more fun OOTDs and Reviews Soon Stay tuned 


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