Seer Secrets Bergamot And Raw Sandhal Energizing Yougurt Enzyme Body Cleanser Review

Hello Dolls ,
So summer is behaving too stubborn right? Don’t you all spend a lot of time in shower these days ? Well I do , I am waking up a lil early these days ‘cause I need long showers . Long showers and chemical loaded cleansers are night mare inviting thing . So , Today I am going  to tell you all about a special body cleanser from Seer Secrets .Nothing else can bring waves of happiness like a perfect body cleanser does in summer . Two Sample sized Body cleansers and a Full sized Body cleanser arrived in my mail one week ago . I  have been using Seer Secrets BergamotAnd Raw Sandhal Energizing Yougurt Enzyme Body cleanser.Needless to say it contains all the goodness skin needs , Bergamot is a special trait of orange which considered as a de-odouring ,skin energyzing ,rejuvinating agent ,while yoghurt improves the even tone property and maintains pH balance .
The composition and smell makes the presense of sandal wood paste felt, sandal wood is known for it’s soothing , complection improving ,de-tanning and anti-aging property .

Packaging :
The cleanser comes packed in a transparent plastic bottle with a label pasted where brand name and other informations are provided . The bottle is provided with a pump and thus you can say the packing is pretty good .

Price :
Rs . 599
/- for 250ml .

Imgredients :

Shelf Life :
12 months

My Experience :
First of all I am fan of lovely smelling body cleansers , therefore I would love to start with that point first .It smells divine , the perfect balance of bargamot’s Fruity Citrus Freshness blends with exotically divine smell of sandal wood in a heavenly manner .
Let me come to the color and texture , It looks pearly cream white in color while consitency is neither too thick not runny .
Cleansing property is praise worthy indeed my super sensitive skin gets super duper sensitive in summer and I do get minor rashes and redness . It did not irritate them at all . It is mentioned that this is body cleanser thus I did not try to use it as face cleanser . But the mild and gentle cleansing can assure that it can be a substitute in case you are not having a face wash handy.
This is not going  to fulfill your expectation if you are keeping hopes of heavy-duty cleansing from it .It does not contain any harmful chemicals .
The smell lingers for 5-10 mins even in Kolkata’s humidity specially to a super sweating human being like me .
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Pros :
Smells Divine .
Gentle on Skin .
Decent Shelf Life .
Great cleanser .
Made with Natural Ingredients .
Coconut Derivatives have been Used as base thus can be melanin fighting .
It does not have over the top headache inducing smell .
Pretty much an unisex product .
Cons :

A Bit on Pricey Side .
The bottle says use within 3 months of opening , so if you are a occasional special cleanser girl , it is not your thing .

The packaging specially the pump coil part needs more perfection ,to make it travel friendly .

So, this much for today ...Have a great day



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