Some Of the Common Lipstick Mistakes we need to avoid and Achieve Attractive Look

We actually want to flaunt over best almost everyday . Let’s assume you wake up with a zit and while doing your makeup your entire attention gets snatched by the lil red monster . After all depending on it’s area of occurrence you got to know if u wanna you blush at all . Then comes good skin day ruined by winging mania . Eyeliners are a little too bratty to tame .We all know that a lipstick beats all the other make-up products for the top spot. But sadly we think that the only makeup we all can apply like a pro .There is something really timeless about this little bullet of colour. It instantly brightens up your eyes, and brings colour to your face. Habing nurtured the misconception rather keeping faith in our ability that barely exists we make terrible lipstick mistakes ,Sometimes the colour fades out in half an hour.Sometimes we spend our hard earn money on high end make up brands yet end up looking not up to the mark . Sometimes color formula everything remains alright ,they do not look the way you expected . It hurts … Yes it does .

So let us see what are the mistakes we’re doing :

Do you pay enough attention to ‘Prep n Prime’??
I would be tagged a terrible liar if I say I always follow this . But the truth my dear is lipstick needs an even, smooth base. If you apply lipstick on  dry ,Flaky lips, no matter how good the lipstick is, it won't look good.
What you need to do is Prepare your lips first .. So lets concentrate on ‘Prep
 A coconut oil and sugar scrub, is an easy cure to this, and can be made using kitchen ingredients in a min.
If you have dry skin apply extra virgin olive oil and sea salt . Wipe it then apply apricot oil and let it absorb .
If you have oily skin after applying oil or oil based balm please conceal skin arround lips with aloevera gel . And break out near lips can divert attetion and the money you are planning to spend on lippies are going it vain .
Once you are done with scrubbing Let’s concentrate on ‘Prime
Use a oil free organic lip balm ,and oil based one can be used .In that case you need to apply it 20mins prior to lipstick application .

Protection :
Make sure you use a lipbalm underneath your lipstick that contains spf 15 otherwise you lips shall get ugly pigmentations .
Hydration :
Lipsticks, especially pigmented ones, Liquid lipsticks et.c contain a lot of chemicals, making hydration more than just a matter of comfort. Hydrating with a thick cream that gets absorbed by the skin, is crucial. Make sure you treat your lips like you pamper skin . Keep a slice of beat root in between lips once a weak . And you can use organic ghee when you have no plans to step outside . These home treatments will give you amazing lip texture that will beautify your lips .

Are You choosing the formula according to your skin ?

I  totally understand this is personal choice, but different formulas mean different rules. If you want to use matte,you must know that a  matte texture will have longer staying power, but might feel dry and tight on the lips so be sure to moisturise first and then apply your colour. A creamy texture is more forgiving, but will need to be applied more frequently, especially in the middle of your lips.So using a creamy one barely means you cn skip the moisturizing session .Use a lipbalm .Wipe it off gently the use a lip liner . Lining lip’s outer shape and inner  circle plays a vital role .Creamy Satins have tendency to fade and needs touch up using a similar color lip liner will save the bad lippie look in your selfies .
Lip Lining
Lining lips is a must . Do you remember in the 90s when the liner was darker than the lipstick? Honestly  it is important for your pout. The purpose is to frame lips,so matching the colors is important. It is used to trace your lip line with the pencil, and stop the lipstick from ‘bleeding.'You need to use a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick, to line the cupid's bow and the outline of your mouth.
 In addition, the centre of the lips should also be filled in with lip liner. This way, when the lipstick fades, you won't be left with just an outline. Adding to that you get a pefect frame to glide your lippie .
Liner  Mistake
The world is obsessed with thick lips .It was considered cool in 90s .But overlining makes you look weird . Remember 90s bollywood lipstick? That unnatural lining looks not only weird but funny too. Using a different color lip liner or a darker one cn ruin the look .
Setting lippie is Important
The way you need  to set your foundation ,setting your lipstick is important in order to stop your lip colour from budging, hold a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder across it. This film will mattify and set things in place. If you don't want the matte effect, then you can also spray your setting spray on the pout.

This is one of the most crucial thing we often forget to concentrate on . Knowing your undertone is mandatory . These days neon lip trend is common . But we often notice such looks turning horrible . This is because we are so obessesed with which will suite fair tone and which will suite dusky tones we barely give importance to undertone . A fair beauty can can yellow undertone ,while a dusky beauty can have pink one . So it knowing your undertone is important . If your undertone is yellow inclined stay awayfrom lighter shades of pink with blue undertone . While coral inclined pinks will look amazing on you all .

Brand Obsession :
Last but not the least , don’t judge a book by it’s cover . Can get amazing colors and quality in brands that you underestimate because they are not high-end ones ,while high-end product may not actually fulfill your expectation .

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