This Festive Season Black Nail Paint can actually solve your confusions

I am more than excited to about the fact that Pujo is not even a month far .Pujo for fashion addicts is not less than fashion parade for 5-6 days . The problem we face often is ‘Nail Paint’ from we can repeat the same nail paint ,but trust me the same color ,sometimes it may not suit outfits ,but changing color can be hassle free for many . Honestly , I am talikng about those ladies who either cannot manage time to dop that daily or may be they are too lazy to do that .So we have to choose some universal colors that we can repeat for 5-6 days with every outfit .
Black Nail Paints are no longer Goths or Punks . Today almost every other girl can be seen sporting it on her nails. Black looks chic and can be paired with almost any outfit. Not only that ,Nail Art is famous style statement and the color forms a fantastic base colour for nail art with black nail polish and almost all glitter nail polishes gets accentuated when worn on it.
Let us see how  our Bollywood Divas sport this nail paint like queen .
First of all, Priyanka Chopra

Our Diva Sports this amazing color like boss .
Then our Style Diva Sonam Kapoor adds a special definition to elegance . So, if you think that u cannot wear black nail paint with semi-ethnic or ethnic you are wrong .

Kareena Kapoor is famous for perfection and fashion enthusiasm. If u notice ,you’ll know her nail never remains out of shape and is always perfectly manicured .

Anushka Sharma’s short nail style never fails to impress us .Her style proves that you need not always go with the flow and win it with your skill .

Let Me introduce you all with my Favourite black nail paint now …

Miss Nails Hi-Gloss Nail Color is my favourite .

First of all, it stays fresh and chip free for 7 days .
It is high-gloss indeed .
So this puja/navaratri  you can definitely rely on it .

ps: Picture Number -courtesy goes  to (they have been collected from google)



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