Be Unconventionally Fashionable with Terracotta

Today is the second day of September and I am super excited ,20 more days to go . So, let’s discuss about Fashion that is a little unconvetional . Oxides ,pom poms and boho jewellery will rule this pujo . Trust me I have extended my collection from the above mentioned types of jewellery . But ,all of us want to look different ,atleast not like everybody else . Some of try bold and weird things that sometimes work and sometimes don’t . Let me tell you looking a little different in the crowd of trending accessories is not as difficult as u think .
Terracotta is a famous art in bengal and most of us have seen amazing terracota jewellery . Dokra Jewellery is famous .Actually Dokra is vast genre of art , Dokra basicall includes non-ferrous techinique using lost wax . That method might include any locally used product . may be wooden beads , thread e.t.c . Today we’re talking about terracotta jewellery . Terracotta in Italian means “ baked Clay”

Today I am going to show you how beautiful these Jewelleries are . If you have travelled to Bankura ,Bishnupur Region ( Bishnupur is known as the land of terracotta) you can see amazing ornamentation on walls of temples .
During my trip to the place my mother collected many terrecotta jewellery and gifted them to our relatives and friends .

 I could’nt resist the temptation to grab some when I saw some terracotta jewellery in local market . You’ll find plenty of them in Gariahat , Dakhshninapan and Kalighat region . Let me show you how you can style them .

This Wristlet was baught 3years ago during my trip to Bishnupur .

Bohemian Jewellery and terracottas speak more to me that jems and kundans .
So , hope you guys liked how terracotta ,the cultural heritage of bengal is incredible irresistible and can help you create your signature style . So be a ‘ Hatke’ diva this Puja .

Enjoy …
Coming back soon

-Love Soumita



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