Fragrance Of Enigma -Engage On Pocket Perfume For Men : Review

Hello Dolls,
I guess you guys remember when I introduced Engage’s Pocket Perfume for women (Engage On ) to you all ! Today I am gonna introduce Engage On Pocket Perfume for Men .So only a few days left . I guess Durga Puja Preperation is going awesome for both guys and girls . So, kolkata’s Durga Puja is the biggest festival in the city ,but the humidity and sweat too goes pandal hopping with us . And Body odour is the worst part on can face . The humidity of the city makes best perfume’s stating power fail .Like touch up all of us have experience  to feel the need “I wish I could use perfume once !”

So Engage On Pocket Perfume for men comes to rescue .
Lets Talk about Cool Marine first ,

Cool Marine – As the name suggestcomes with a hint of Aqua Fragrance . The smell is a perfect amulgamtion of strong and soft . Thus you will not find it headache inducing .The lasting power of these perfumes are not divine .They last good for 2-3hours in kolkata’s  humidity  But trust me ,one cannot ask for more at just 60INR .

Classic Woody -Comes with hint of musk and has a typical male perfume fragrance . This one is a long lasting and lasts for good 3-4hours . But the smell I must say is amazing .

Citrus Fresh- This one bares the softest citrus fruit notes . The magic is you might expect it to last the least while it will surprise you by lasting for good 3-4 hours . People who love citus fragrace will love it .

You guys can buy them online .



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