7 Winter Hair Care Tips We Should Definitely Follow

Winter can take its toll on your hair . In the winter season, your hair needs a lot of tender care and attention.To prevent hair damage  you can prevent your hair by taking precautions .

1  Hair Serum

Winter is when hair problems become ridiculous . The fall season is the best time  to start pampering your hair . Not all of us like oiling hair much . But during winter keeping our hair moisturized is necessary .Frequently washing your hair washes away natural sebum from hair . 
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Thus applying afterwash leave-on serum or conditioner is important . During the cold months add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil to hair serum .And your are ready to flaunt amazing hair .
2. Seal your ends
If you are planning to wash your hair tomorrow , apply vit-E from capsules to the ends the night before .After washing hair you will notice the smoothness .This also prevent split ends and dryness .
3. Hot Oil
Massage hot oil atleast 2 hours before washing your hair .This will not only relieve stress but will also keep hair nourished .
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4. Water Temperature Matters!
Even if you are comfortable washing hair in warm water . Make sure you also use normal temperature water ,washing hair only with warm water can make it dry .Use Sulphate and paraben free shampoo not only during winter but through out the year .If you want to ask for a solution to protect your hair you can use Glamisha Shampoo read review here 
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5. Styling
Avoid heat styling and blow drying . Even if have  to do that make sure you nourish your hair well . Use essential oils like lavender ,to prevent damage .
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6. Scalp Type
Paying attention  to recognize your scalp type is important .Your scalps nature decides the type of dandruff and it’s source .If you have too dry scalp you will suffer dryness ,itchiness and dandruff .Oily sticky scalp on the other hand can be a cause too . So recognizing the nature of your scalp is important and choosing product depending on that is necessary .

7. Color-Highlight
It is quite true that mood is the boss but staying away from new colors ,highlight e.t.c  should be avoided during the advent of dry seasons . Try getting it done during autumn ,so that you can maintain and flaunt it during winter . Going for such changes during winter can show adverse effect ‘cause repairing dried and damaged hair can take more time in dry seasons .



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