Hair Fall Protection During Season Change -Nyle Anti Hair fall Shampoo Review

Hello Dolls,
Now that the season of mists and mellow fruitfullness is biding us good bye ,so you know this changing phase requires strict skin and hair care . Many of us suffer hairfall promblems this season .Nyle Naturals is from a famous Indian brand Cavinkare which has several brands & products under it .
The range of Nyle Natural Shampoo was launched in the year 1993 It was known as Nyle Herbals then.
Again it was relaunched in the year 2011 with different variants to cater every need of a modern women .Their Shampoos have been revamped and improved recently .Today I am going to review Nyle Naturals Anti Hair Fall Shampoo that I received from CavinKare.

About the product
This Anti Hair fall shampoo has goodness of Almond , Coconut & Amla  all good for hair .
It strengthens and protects the hair from breakage .
What the product claims :
The product claims to reduce hair fall .Treat week roots and split ends .Make hairs healthier & better .
Packaging :
 As you can see Nyle’s Packaging went through bit of changes and is now matching the trending style in the market . The rectangular sleek tube packaging with flipcap .I would say it is very very sturdy .

Price :
Products from the house of Cavin Kare do bear the reputation of rational pricing and good quality . Rs: 190 /-for 400ml is absolutely reasonable . Right?
Shelf Life :
2 years

My Experience :
I  do not suffer mention worthy or trouble injecting hair fall these days . But occational hair breakage is common in my case .So I started using this product ,it’s consistency is between is not much thick . Smells awesome , it’s smell reminds me a lot about a shampoo from oriflame .

It gives me clean and moisturized scalp ,reduced hair breakage .But hairfall is not really restricted even with regular use .Coconut is know for it’s goodness while amla and almond strengthens hair . I would not claim 100% cure ,but it will work good to protect your  not so serious hair fall . It is paraben free ,but calling it naturals is not 100% justified as it contains chemicals too .

Pros :
The shampoo is blessed with the  goodness of Almond , Amla & Coconut .
 Affordable Price ,Sufficient shelf life for longer use . Easily available every where , since it's an old and renowned brand .
Product Packaging better than before .Travel friendly indeed .
 Paraben free.
Cleanses the hair & scalp thoroughly ,wihout making it dry .

Cons :
This is not  a chemical free product .
Ingredient list is long and has lots of chemicals .
Does’nt cure severe hair fall .



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