Get Hair Spa Done At Home with INDUS VALLEY BIO ORGANICS Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa

Hello Dolls,
I haven’t been well last few days .I was absolutely excited to tell you all about my experience with Indus Valley Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa kit . I do not get much time,secondly I am such a lazy bum that I do not get time to hit Spa.

Here you can see the Spa kit.

I guess you all remember my post about hair care during winter .
Hair Spa is not necessarily something you should always depend on salons .You can definitely do it at home if you plan it well .All you need to do it Wash your hair .After blow drying or natural drying keep it tied .May be ,a bun will help .Before you go to bed at night .Take Extravirgin coconut oil and nouring your scalp,you roots need some pampering .When you wake up now nourish your stands well then Dip an towel in warm water.Wring out excess water then tie the towel like a turban .After 15-20 mins when your hair gets the required steam,you should now wash your hair with a reliable shampoo ,then apply conditioner .You should now apply a nourishing hair mask that you must keep for atlast ten mins and wash it off .

So,here comes the crowning story .
A few days ago I received Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa kit from Indus Vallley Bio Organics .
So, I washed my hair tied bun and did not let it get dirty at all .Before going to bed I applyied Extra Virgin Cold PressedCoconut Oil from Indus Valley Bio Organics .Roots need nourishment that you get overnight .It is cold pressed and thus better than rest of the extra virgin coconut oil in market .
I am somehow repullsive to early rising .So arround 9:30 after completing break fast I norished my strands with Indus Valley Hair Care Argan Oil . It is very important to keep the combination matched .You may call this Argan Oil Spa .The presence of best quality Argan seeds from Morocco makes it amazing .I love the light weight texture this oil is blessed with .
Then I dipped a clean light weight towel in warm water.Wring out excess water then tie it like a turban.Your hair receives much needed steam.If you have dry hair keep it for 20 mins .For my combined hair and scalp 15 mins was enough .

I washed my hair with Argan Oil Shampoo from Indus Valley Bio Organics.This is what  I was talking about , using the same variant for oil treatment and Hair Wash is Important .

I used my regular conditioner ,after washing it off I applied Hair Eaze Hair Spa Mask from Indus Valley Bio Organics .This hair mask is blessed with exotic herbs that exhibit amazing hair care .So this will provide fabulous hair nourishment.After 10-20 mins wash it off .Guess what?? You are done .

Yes , it is that easy .Getting Hair Spa done at home is not as draining
 as you thought .

I will be back soon with a new post where I’m gonna share my winter skin care secret featuring rest of te products you can see here .
This kit is super affordable you get it only for 1999

You can order this kit from here



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