Pamper Your Skin this Winter with - Indus Valley Premium Weekend Winter Care & Spa Kit

Hey Lovelies ,
Did you guys try D.I.Y Hair Spa? I am in love with IndusValley Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa Kit .I already conveyed how much I loved the hair care products ,Today I am going to share my skin care routine and as promised I am going to tell you all about the skin care products I received from the box.
My Skin Care Routine includes a few steps:
1.       Makeup Removal and Skin Clean Up
2.       Night Cream
3.       Oil Massage
4.       Facial Oil Massage and Care
5.       Focusing on dry Areas of skin and pampering them
6.       Taking care of Eye Lashes

Makeup Removal:

The most important thing about winter skin care is removing makeup before going to bed .I rely 2 step make up removal . To remove makeup I always use oil based makeup remover.Then wash my face with foam based facial wash .
Let me tell you what is making my winter skin care routine easy ,I guess I told you all about Indus Valley Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa.I already I think I praised Indus Valley Bio Organic’s Extra Virgin (Cold Pressed) Coconut Oil.So this winter I decided to rely on Indus Valley Bio Organic’s Extra Virgin (Cold Pressed) Coconut Oil to remove all my makeup .

Night Cream:

I used my trusted facewash next as I mentioned earlier.Before going to bed I am using Indus Valley Bio Organics Night Cream these days .
It is showing result pretty good .Texture wise it is quit light and non-greasy.I wake up with soft and nourished looking skin .

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Oil Massage:

Now Let us proceed to skin care next .I cannot imagine beating winter dryness without Olive Oil.
So before bathing I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Indus Valley Bio Organics. This keeps my skin softer and smoother .

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Facial Oil Massage and Care:

Then facial skin care is one of the most important aspect of skin care.Indus Valley Bio Organics Skin Care Oil is Multipurpose Oil that has the goodness of amazing herbs from all over the world .Trust me most of us think if you have oily ski you should stay away from oil .This Skin Care is a multipurpose one ,it has very very light texture that helps to reduce scars, cleans and perfects pore, reduces stretch marks .This oil can be used underneath makeup during winter .Trust me, your makeup won’t crack .
I used a drop or two to massage my facial skin before bathing .Make sure your skin is dirt free (washed with facewash) and hands are clean when you do that .This kind of massage will help you achive better skin texture and eventone .

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Focusing on Dry Areas and Eye lashes :

When I return home from work I already mentioned how I remove my make up .I rely on my staple facecream .The driest areas of my body includes my hands ,elbow ,and feet .Therefore when I am sure that I’m not going out I use Indus Valley Bio Organics Almond oil on my Palm, and elbow .This Almond oil is cold pressed and Hexan Free.It works amazingly to moisturize my skin .
As you all know I have  to sit in from of this laptop screen after work ,just because I love you guys as much as you guys love me .After finishing my work when my eyes are supposed to get some rest I prefer to apply almond oil on my lashes .This is really really essential for a makeup geek,trust me my lashes take a lot …curler ,mascara thus I need to pamper them .
Last but not the least my city is finally feeling winter vibes so I bought a few cotton socks .I massage my feet with almond oil and put cotton socks on.This helps my skin absorb overnight pampering .

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So this is the routine I am following these days ,I am definitely coming back with indivisual review of the above mentioned products .Do let me know which one you guys want me to review first!!!

Till then have great week …Rock this Festive Season!!!



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