5 Best Under 500 Moisturizers Available In India

 You need to take care of your skin...you are going to wear it everyday ..
One of the most important part of the skin care routine is certainly keeping it moisturized .
Keeping your skin hydrated is not only necessary,we should make it our habit .But  the problem is choosing the right kind of moisturizer.Requirement of different kind of skin is certainly different .But quality products come with bigger price tag.Trust me, there are moisturizers that suits all type of skin and you can buy them in reasonable price .

Here goes the list :

1.Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer (for Dry Skin):
Neutrogena is a trusted brand .Most of the products from the brand never failed to impress buyers .Therefore the Body Moisturizer does what it claims to “Moisturize”.This is absolutely non0greasy and dermatologically tested .You do not need to burn a whole in your pocket.The 250ml pack of the Body Moisturizer is priced Rs.359 only.

image courtesy : amazon.in

2.St.D’vence Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion Autumn Edition :
St.D’vence Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion Autumn Edition is enriched with natural oil and keeps your skin hydrated through out the day . I usually rely on body oil during dry winter and  fall season but this lotion keeps skin moisturized .If you haven’t yet read my post featuring St.D’vence Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion Autumn Edition click here to read .

3. Life & Pursuits: Certified Organic Ayurveda Ultra-Light Face & Body Moisturizer Lotion for Women100% Natural :
Trust me if you nurture ideas like only big names give best result ,you are wrong .If you are looking for 100% natural product,then this organic Body Moisturizer works amazingly.If you have sensitive and oily skin you can rely this product .Again this is a product that comes within budget ,100ml of this product comes at Rs.450 .
image courtesy- amazon.in

4.AZAFRAN ORGANICS Aqua Milk Skin Revitalising Oil Trio Body Butter:
If you are a fan of Organic products ,here is another organic multi-purpose product .This product works as Revitalising Oil ,Aqua Milk Moisturizer and Body Butter as well .200ml of this amazing product comes only at Rs.490.
image courtesy- amazon.in

5. DeBelle Moisturising Lotion :
DeBelle is one of those emerging brands users have also praised .Their DeBelle Moisturising Lotion is no exception .This body lotion suits all skin type .And this lotion not only satisfies your skin’s need also keeps you hydrated for long time . 200ml of this Lotion comes only at Rs.240.
Image Courtesy: amazon.in

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